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[Letter from John Jeremiah Osterhout to John Patterson Osterhout, August 31, 1890]

Description: Letter from John Jeremiah Osterhout to his father, John Patterson Osterhout, regarding a trip Jeremiah and his mother were taking to visit family out of state. Jeremiah updated his father on how their family was doing and informed him that he was in need of glasses. Jeremiah said he had been feeling homesick and wanted to receive letters from home often.
Date: August 31, 1890
Creator: Osterhout, John Jeremiah

[Letter from Ann Farman to Mother, October 23, 1890]

Description: Letter from Ann Farman to her mother with news of her family. She wrote of her children's health and mentioned that her family wanted to be remembered by her mother. She mentioned a man that was looking to get a place nearby. Parts of the letter are difficult to read due to blotches on the paper fading the writing.
Date: October 25, 1890
Creator: Farman, Ann

[Letter from J. R. Hartley to Junia Roberts Osterhout and Family, August 4, 1892]

Description: Letter from J. R. Hartley to her sister, Junia Roberts Osterhout, and family with local news. She thanked them for sending their condolences for the death of a child. She gave news of how their son, Paul Osterhout, was doing while he visited. The rest of the letter is composed of various information she heard from others.
Date: August 7, 1892
Creator: Hartley, J. R.

[Letter from J. R. Hartley to John Patterson and Junia Roberts Osterhout, October 29, 1892]

Description: Letter from J. R. Hartley to Hartley's siblings, John Patterson and Junia Roberts Osterhout, discussing Hartley's family. Hartley told them how the children were doing in school and that one of their daughters was going to become a teacher. The letter is composed of local gossip and let them know that an acquaintance had inquired about them.
Date: October 29, 1892
Creator: Hartley, J. R.

[Letter from John Hill to Gertrude Osterhout, December 7, 1895]

Description: Letter from John Hill to Gertrude Osterhout updating her about his life in Brazil. He was glad to hear she was well and told Gertrude about mutual acquaintances that he had heard from. The letter concluded with him describing how he was doing and the area he was residing in. Included is an envelope addressed to "Miss Gertie Osterhout."
Date: December 7, 1895
Creator: Hill, John

[Letter from John Patterson Osterhout to John Jeremiah Osterhout, December 10, 1895]

Description: Letter from John Patterson Osterhout to his son, John Jeremiah Osterhout, with news from his family. His older son, Paul, was living poorly, but was about to make a fortune. His wife, Junia, believed she was sick again and the family was trying to make her rest. He let Jeremiah know that his daughter was doing well and wanted to see him.
Date: December 10, 1895
Creator: Osterhout, John Patterson

[Letter from A. Rilley to Junia Roberts Osterhout, May 7, 1896]

Description: Letter from A. Rilley to her friend, Junia Roberts Osterhout, discussing local news and pensions. Rilley wanted Junia's husband to investigate whether she qualified for a pension since he was running for a position in Congress and might know more. She wrote of others who had received pensions in Texas, including veterans and family members, and about two women she had renting her home.
Date: May 7, 1896
Creator: Rilley, A.

[Letter from H. J. Bardwell to John Patterson Osterhout, December 8, 1896]

Description: Letter from H. J. Bardwell to his cousin, John Patterson Osterhout, regarding their family tree. Bardwell had been spending his time in the library trying to trace the Osterhout family back to the first settler and shared what he had found so far. He asked John for clarification on what he had told Bardwell about the family before and hoped to hear back soon.
Date: December 8, 1896
Creator: Bardwell, H. J.