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[Letter from John Patterson Osterhout to Paul Osterhout, June 7, 1886]

Description: Letter from John Patterson Osterhout to his son, Paul Osterhout, regarding Paul's return home. John sold Paul's bike and sent him money to help him afford the trip home. John expects his other son, Jeremiah, and his wife to have a child soon because she has been staying with their family for long periods of time. John mentioned that their town, Belton, was worried that their oil well would leave town and they would have to rely on the college for their future.
Date: June 7, 1886
Creator: Osterhout, John Patterson

[Letter from Ora Osterhout to Paul Osterhout, April 14, 1886]

Description: Letter from Ora Osterhout to her brother, Paul Osterhout, with news from home. She expressed concern over her brother's profession as a doctor since recently, a doctor in Belton was blamed for the death of a patient. Among other local gossip, Ora mentioned that their brother, Jeremiah, and his wife did not allow each other to leave without the other as they were jealous of them talking to members of the opposite sex.
Date: April 14, 1886
Creator: Osterhout, Ora

[Postcard from John Patterson Osterhout to Paul Osterhout, March 23, 1886]

Description: Postcard from John Patterson Osterhout to his son, Paul Osterhout, regarding requests from others that he was passing along. A doctor wanted Paul to look up where and for how much he could obtain a couple of books. The doctor was also waiting on Paul to let him know what the cost would be to get to where he was.
Date: March 23, 1886
Creator: Osterhout, John Patterson

[Letter from Paul Osterhout to Gertrude Osterhout, October 31, 1884]

Description: Letter from Paul Osterhout to his sister, Gertrude Osterhout, regarding news from home. He wrote that their father was canvassing the neighborhood since he was running for a public office and let his sister know that the family would like for her to visit. Paul requested the Gertrude bring a canary back home and offered to go the skating rink of she wanted to learn to skate. A circus came into town and the family went to see the shows. Included is an envelope addressed to "Miss Junia Osterhout."
Date: October 31, 1884
Creator: Osterhout, Paul

[Letter from E. B. Convers to Gertrude Osterhout, October 8, 1884]

Description: Letter from E. B. Convers to his cousin, Gertrude Osterhout, regarding news he had heard about her health. He was glad to hear she had recovered from being sick and mentioned a dispute that seemed to be going on between him and a mutual acquaintance. He told her that he would be heading to Washington for work soon. Included is an envelope addressed to "Miss Gertrude Osterhout."
Date: October 8, 1884
Creator: Convers, E. B.

[Letter from Ann Farman to her Brother, August 4, 1883]

Description: Letter from Ann Farman to her brother with news of her family. Her husband has been recovering from his broken leg and began working around their farm once more. Her daughter has been sick for five years with an unknown ailment. Among other family news, she informed her brother that their sister, Sarah, wanted him to write. She condemned a drunken family member as disgraceful and discussed the possibility of adding family members' names to the family burial ground if the bodies were not able to be buried there.
Date: August 4, 1883
Creator: Farman, Ann