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Texas Family Secrets

Description: This book represents the collective work of forty local writers. Texas Family Secrets is the second book of stories published by 'Telling Our Stories,' a humanities project at Austin College. Each story is preceded by a brief biographical sketch of the author.
Date: 1997
Creator: Lincecum, Jerry Bryan & Redshaw, Peggy A.

[Certificate of Payment]

Description: Certificate of payment stating that E. Collard was owed money and that John Patterson Osterhout, an attorney, would obtain the payment and receive half as commission. On the back the certificate says a payment was received January 26, 1855.
Date: unknown
Creator: Osterhout, John Patterson

[Genealogy for the Osterhout Family]

Description: Genealogy of the Osterhout family focusing on the marriages of Gideon and Abigail Osterhout, Pelatiah and Hannah Osterhout, William and Catherine Osterhout, Christian and Sarah Osterhout, and Homer and Elva Christian. The children of these couples are listed below and the birth dates are listed by individuals where they are known.
Date: unknown

[Genealogy for the Osterhout Family]

Description: Genealogy for the Osterhout family with handwritten notes concerning various members of the family. The notes focused on Peter and Jeremiah Osterhout and include basic information about them and some of their relatives. On the back is a family tree drawn out with birth dates, death dates, and marriages when known.
Date: unknown

[Letter from Ann Farman to Sarah Frear]

Description: Letter from Ann Farman to her sister, Sarah Frear, expressing her excitement about her sister visiting soon and to let her know how Ann's newborn was doing. On the last page is a short letter from Sarah to their mother. She passed Ann's letter along and gave some news regarding her own family, including a member who was attending a National Contention[sic] on Education.
Date: unknown
Creator: Farman, Ann

[Letter from Jeff Thompson to D. N. Hennen, May 21]

Description: Letter from Jeff Thompson to D. N. Hennen esquire informing him of his capture by the Union Army. Thompson was a part of a company from Louisiana that was surrendered to the Union. He requested that Hennen send a letter to his wife to let her know he was in good health and being taken care of in the area they were being held.
Date: unknown
Creator: Thompson, Jeff

[Letter from Mary to Ora Osterhout, February 5, 1899]

Description: Letter from Mary to her niece, Ora Osterhout, regarding daily events for her family. She wrote that a family member visited her often and that she wanted to know more about a doctor that Ora had mentioned to her. She closed by telling Ora about her health and her daughter in school. Included is an envelope addressed to "Miss Ora Osterhout."
Date: unknown

Reserved Power

Description: Manuscript for a commencement speech titled "Reserved Power" written by Gertie Osterhout. It discusses the nature of the universe, human actions, and womanhood; the end of the text is addressed to teachers and classmates as they say farewell. The pages of the manuscript are bound with string.
Date: unknown
Creator: Osterhout, Gertrude