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[Photograph of Officers]

Description: Photograph of three men standing on a lawn in front of a white building. The men are dressed in slacks, collared shirts, and ties and are described as officers for an unknown organization. Women and children are mingling behind them.
Date: unknown

[Photograph of White Building]

Description: Photograph from the front right corner of a white building. The building is a single story with a false front. It is surrounded by trees and a hedge. A wooden walkway leads to the front of the building. In the foreground and to the right of the building is a gravel road.
Date: unknown

[Portrait of a Hispanic Reverend and his Family]

Description: Photograph of a Hispanic Presbyterian minister and his family standing in front of a wood-slatted house. The Reverend is standing next to his wife, who is holding a baby in a blanket and smiling at the camera. There is a young toddler girl standing at the Reverend's feet, and two slightly older boys standing to his right. The eldest daughter is standing behind the young boys and next to her father. The front porch entrance of the house is visible on the left-hand side of the image in the background, along with a fence and a part of the neighbor's house. The family is standing in front of a raised back porch. There is a handwritten note on the back of the photograph that reads, "Palacios 1953 Left to right: Aarón Raúl, Jonatán, Aurora, Rev. Bernardino del Pozo M., Margarita, Aida, Sra. M. N. del Pozo"
Date: 1953~

[Portrait of Guadalupe Zepeda and Alberto Esparza]

Description: Photograph of Guadalupe Zepeda and Alberto Esparza in front of the Mexican Presbyterian Church in Bay City, Texas. The name of the church, in Spanish, is partially visible above the entrance. The church is a brick building with a covered porch and a fence in front. The two men are standing in front of the fence. Their names are listed on the back along with the city and year, 1935. The men are called "ancianos" on the back.
Date: 1935

[Portrait of Reverend and Mrs. F. P. Rugerio and son]

Description: Portrait of Reverend and Mrs. F. P. Rugerio and their son standing in front of the Bay City Manse. The manse is a wooden house with a covered porch and trees in front. The reverend is wearing a suit, and his wife is wearing a flower-print dress. According to the information on the back of the photograph, it was taken sometime between 1943 and 1946.
Date: 1943/1946

[Side View of a Presbyterian Church]

Description: Photograph of the side of a series of light-colored, wood-slatted buildings that make up a mission. The photograph has been taken from the street. The main building, which is also the largest building and focal point of the image, has four windows on the side and two in the front next to the main double-door entrance. There is another building behind the main building on the right-hand side of the image, and also one next to it in the background. A power line stretches across the image directly above the complex. There is a handwritten note on the back of the photograph. There is a handwritten note on the back of the photograph that reads, "Palacios Mexican Mission".
Date: October 1951

[Unidentified buildings in Bay City]

Description: Photograph of unidentified buildings in Bay City, Texas. There are two buildings in the forefront of the picture. The wooden building on the right appears to be a house. There are other buildings in the background. The power lines run in front of these buildings, and the street is not paved. The back dates the photograph to 1953.
Date: 1953