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[Portrait of Church Members]

Description: Portrait of a group of church members. There are two women, a man, and five girls of different ages standing outside a building, dressed for church. There are doors in the background. The following is handwritten on the back: "At Pres Mex. or Alice? J. M. Vela." There is a stamp from The Fox Co. of San Antonio on the back dated June 1946.
Date: June 1946

[Sunday School Class]

Description: Portrait of a Sunday School class. There are two women, one man, and five girls of different ages posing in front of double doors. They are dressed for church. The following is handwritten on the back: "June 9, 1946. Before Sunday School was organized. 1st meeting. Manuel J. Vela is Superintendent of Sunday School. Ola Perez to his left is secretary. Mrs. Maria Garza at right is treasurer." There is a stamp on the back from The Fox Co. of San Antonio.
Date: June 1946

[Young Children and a Teacher Assembled for a Class Portrait]

Description: Photograph of a small group of young children assembled for a class portrait. The four girls are wearing light, fluffy dresses, and the four boys are all wearing light t-shirts and darker trousers. There is a young woman holding a stack of papers and standing in the back row. A wood-slatted building is visible behind the group with a large, open double doorway. People are faintly visible through the doorway. There is a handwritten note on the back of the photograph that reads, "Taft? Alice?".
Date: unknown