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[Church under construction]

Description: Photograph of a church under construction. According to the information on the back, this is the First Mexican Church in Corpus Christi in 1924. Some of the walls have been built, but there is no roof yet. A man is standing on top of the wall, and there are building materials on the ground around the church. There is another building to the left.
Date: 1924

[Class of children in Corsicana]

Description: Photograph of a class of children and their teacher in Corsicana, Texas. The group is posing on the steps of an unidentified wooden building. The students include both girls and boys. The younger children, including a toddler, are sitting on the front. The teacher is standing to the left. The following is written on the back: "Clase de niƱos 1928 Corsicana."
Date: 1928