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[Photograph of White Building]

Description: Photograph from the front right corner of a white building. The building is a single story with a false front. It is surrounded by trees and a hedge. A wooden walkway leads to the front of the building. In the foreground and to the right of the building is a gravel road.
Date: unknown

[Photograph of Officers]

Description: Photograph of three men standing on a lawn in front of a white building. The men are dressed in slacks, collared shirts, and ties and are described as officers for an unknown organization. Women and children are mingling behind them.
Date: unknown

[Building in Bay City]

Description: Photograph of a building in Bay City, Texas. It is a brick building with a covered porch and three windows along the side. There are trees around the building. According to the information on the back, the photograph was taken in 1935.
Date: 1935

[Unidentified buildings in Bay City]

Description: Photograph of unidentified buildings in Bay City, Texas. There are two buildings in the forefront of the picture. The wooden building on the right appears to be a house. There are other buildings in the background. The power lines run in front of these buildings, and the street is not paved. The back dates the photograph to 1953.
Date: 1953