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[Mexican Church at Angleton]

Description: Photograph of the Mexican Church at Angleton. The church is a wooden building with large windows along the side, and there are five members of a Sunday School class standing in front. The following is handwritten on the back: "Mex. church at Angleton. Because of rain these were the only ones present, but we had Sunday School anyhow." The photo is dated 12/27/36.
Date: December 27, 1936
Item Type: Photograph

[Mexican Presbyterian Church]

Description: Photograph of the Mexican Presbyterian Church in Angleton, Texas. The church is a wooden building, raised off the ground with wooden pillars. there are four unnamed boys standing in front. There is a handwritten note on the back identifying the church and its location and dating the photograph to 1935.
Date: 1935
Item Type: Photograph