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[E. B. de Vacaciones]

Description: Photograph of a large group of children and some adults. The children are of varying ages with the youngest in the front. Some of the girls are holding dolls, and three of the women in the back row are holding books. They are posing in front of a wooden building. The following is written above the picture: "To Rev. R. D. Campbell." The following is written on the back: "E. B. de Vacaciones del 1 al 21 de 1936. 82 niños matriculado, con 10 ayudantes. S. G. Ramirez."
Date: 1936

[Bay City Mexican Presbyterian Church and some members]

Description: Photograph of some of the members of the Mexican Presbyterian Church in Bay City, Texas. There are men, women, and children in the picture. They are posing in front of the entrance to the church. The church is a brick building with a covered front porch, and the sign above the entrance says "Iglesia Presbiteriana Mexicana." There is a fence in front of the church. According to the information on the back of the photograph, it was taken on December 27, 1937.
Date: December 27, 1937

[Group Portrait of Hispanic Children]

Description: Photograph of a group portrait of school-age Hispanic children and two adults. There are three rows of children standing, kneeling, and sitting on the ground and facing the camera. There is a young woman standing at the end of the middle row to the right, and a man standing at the opposite end on the left. Most of the children are smiling and many have their hands on their faces. There is a small building visible in the background on the right-hand side. There is a handwritten note in Spanish on the back of the photograph that translates to: "Hm Cawpbell. Here is a photo that mother took of E.D. McAllen on the second of October. There was nothing more than sending them out. McAllen - Oct. 1935 A Fernández".
Date: October 1935

[Portrait of Guadalupe Zepeda and Alberto Esparza]

Description: Photograph of Guadalupe Zepeda and Alberto Esparza in front of the Mexican Presbyterian Church in Bay City, Texas. The name of the church, in Spanish, is partially visible above the entrance. The church is a brick building with a covered porch and a fence in front. The two men are standing in front of the fence. Their names are listed on the back along with the city and year, 1935. The men are called "ancianos" on the back.
Date: 1935