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[Three Hispanic Women in a Pick-Up Truck]

Description: Photograph of three women posed around a pick-up truck. One of the girls is sitting in the driver's seat, one is sitting on the side of the door, and the other is standing next to the door. Several other women are visible in the background behind the car. There is a building visible in the background. There is a decorative border around the image and a handwritten note on the back of the photograph that reads, "The new Tex-Mex truck - a gift from Refugio - Pres- Mex needs one too".
Date: December 1936

[Three People Standing in a Field with Cars]

Description: Photograph of a young woman, an elderly man, and a teenage boy standing together in the middle of a grassy field. The man, who is wearing a suit, has his arms crossed and is facing the woman. The woman, who is wearing a long, lightly-colored trench coat, is holding a handbag and facing the man who is talking to her. The teenage boy, who is wearing a light cardigan and pants, is standing to the man's right and is looking to the side. On the far left-hand side of the image, there is a group of people that are cut off by the edge of the image. Three cars are parked in a row along the edge of a dirt road in the background. There are several palm trees scattered throughout the field. A decorative border surrounds the image, and there is a handwritten note on the back that reads, "Talking over the Mex. work - Mrs. Seddon Mr. McLane Brooks".
Date: December 1936

[Two Women Dressed for Church]

Description: Photograph of two ladies standing together and smiling at the camera. The women are wearing long dresses, decorative hats, and high heels. They are facing toward the right-hand side of the image. There us a two-story building lined with windows visible in the background. The image is surrounded by a decorative border, and there is a handwritten note on the back of the photograph that reads, "Two loyal friends of the Mexican work. Mrs. W.W. Downing, Mrs. Stella Campbell of Corpus Christi".
Date: December 1936