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5th Street and Avenue D in Clifton

Description: View of the building at the northwest corner of Avenue D and 5th Street in downtown Clifton. The building contains J. M. Broock's Drug Store (on the corner), Greer's Barber Shop (on Avenue D), and The Clifton Record (on 5th Street). This building was destroyed by fire on December 23, 1905.
Date: 1900~/1910~

5th Street in Clifton, North Side

Description: View of the north side of Fifth Street in downtown Clifton, Texas. The building in the foreground is on the southeast corner of Avenue D and 5th Street and was destroyed by fire on December 23, 1905. The Clifton Record newspaper office can be seen on the left side of this building. The building in the background is on the southwest corner of Avenue D and 5th Street.
Date: 1900~/1910~

Birthday for Liv Grimland

Description: Large family group, honoring Liv Grimland's 90th birthday, on June 14, 1900. Those indentified are Oscar Grimland, J K Grimland, Kalmar Grimland, Lue Grimland, Orus Solberg, Otto Solberg, Selmer Solberg, Callie Solberg, Nils Grimland, Gunsten Grimland, Yern Grimland, Kerste Grimland Solberg, Inger Halverson Grimland, Isaac Solberg, Benjamin Grimland, Tom Grimland, Olena Grimland,Inez Grimland, Flora Grimland,Hattie Grimland, Sophie Brown Grimland, Annie Olson Grimland, Mary Johnson Grimland, Edward Grimland, Lucy Wallace Grimland, Roy Grimland, Clara Swenson Grimland, Cora Grimland, Anton Peterson, Laura Grimland (Nelson). Yern and Liv Grimland are seated in Rockers, second row center. Ole Solberg, Sr, Theresa Jenson Grimland, Chris Solberg, Neal Grimland, John Grimland, Robert Grimland, John Soloberg, Pete Grimland, Jennie Grimland, Jim Grimland, Lisse Solberg, Anna Grimland, Ole Solberg, Jr, Nora Grimland, Molly Grimland, Lou Solberg, John Grimland, Andrew Grimland.
Date: June 14, 1900