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Girls Playing at Cranfils Gap School

Description: Group of 19 young girls playing tug-of-war at the Cranfils Gap School, in 1914. R-L: Jewel Reesing, Jennie Christenson, Ada Grimland, Vivian Gardner, Agnes Arnerson, Minnie cox, Nadine Spensor, Thelma Perry, Orelia Grimland, lorene Bronstad, Maggie Perry, Willie Mae Hanson, Veta Cox, Beatrice Bertelsen, Leona Parsons, Gladys Tindall and Addie Cox
Date: 1914

[Woodmen of the World]

Description: Large group of men, women and children posing in front of Iredell Hotel, some standing on balcony, and some standing on porch, back of photograph says "Daddy is standing by post on lower porch" and "Taken in Iredell at time of Hickory Walling Unveiling, August 1905"
Date: 1905~

[Unidentified group]

Description: Unidentified group at a formal dinner party, seated at table. Some are numbered on the photo; 1-Mrs R V Ferguson, 2-Mr R V Ferguson, 3-Mrs Marshall, 4-Harvey Hughes, 5-Mrs Josephine Fields, 6-Mr Muirhead, 7-Loreen Alexander, 8- Drahn Foster, 9-Felix Harris, 10-Hallie Simpson, 11-Louie Crow, 12-Miriam Turner, 13-Marie Cureton, 14-Mrs Jennie A Crow, 15-H J Cureton, 16-Bailey Hughes, 17-Senator Earl B Mayfield, 18-hodges Hughes, the honored guest, 19-Willis Turner
Date: unknown

Confederate Veterans

Description: Group of fourteen men posing for photo, two seated on step, some standing in back, some seated in front. Back row: Alfred Dale, V Wortham, Billie Lowden (first YMCA director in Waco), Joe Harris, Bob Snider, Jonathan McFadden Front row: Albert Sears, Joe McMurry, Calvin McSpadden, Enoch George, John Bostick
Date: unknown

Veterans and Dames of 1846

Description: Group of men and women posing on the steps of the Tarrant County Courthouse, first row is seated and six rows standing on steps. Photograph taken by Charles L Swartz, May 22, 1902. Mrs. M. Moore Murdock, founder of The Dames of 1846, is seated in the center of the front row.
Date: 1902

Albert Sidney Johnston's Camp Members of 1899

Description: Members of Albert Sidney Johnston's Camp of UCV No. 115 of Meridian. J W Adams, Adjt of camp, Samuel Fossett, T W Shuford, A P Cruse, Will Andrew, C S Cooper, W H Adams, J M Belcher, B M Frank, Rice Massey, C A Gordon, H T Airheart, J B Knowles, J L Atkins, N F Sheppard, E F Jordon, Ed McKissick, M D Emerson, J W Thompson, A Cooper, H M Vaughn, E A Tweedy, George Powell, H C Cooke, E B George, J R Simonton, J H Yarbro, J N Yarbrough, J E Helton, J M Biffle, H M Dillard, Commander and Captain, J H Standifer, Zeke Ogden, J L Belcher, G L Cain, Henton Smith, S S Barry, W C Reagan, C H McSpadden, J W Duncan, J B Arnold, Thomas Cobbs, D H Neely, J S Camfield, James F Smith, J M Scott, J J McMurry, J Bowman, J M Renfro, A J Childress, Sam G Harris, T C Alexander, W H Boling, William Young, D O Barton, J H Johnson, R H Harris, W R Mason, F M Conley, S P Farrar
Date: 1899

Terry T Terguson and Family

Description: Family group posing in front of house, some young ladies are seated on ground in the front, three people seated in center, in chairs, four men standing in back. Young ladies are wearing white dresses and woman wearing black, all men are dressed in dark suits.
Date: unknown