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[Unidentified man]

Description: Unidentified black and white portrait of man, broken in two pieces. Man is wearing balck bow tie light shirt, dark suit, and has goatee
Date: unknown

Roy Durie

Description: Color oil Portrait of Roy Durie. Mr Durie is wearing gray felt cowboy hat, black tie, white shirt with pearl buttons, black rim glasses, gray cowboy cut suit, leather embossed belt, gold belt buckle, Texas shaped belt clip, and gold watch chain
Date: July 20, 1964

[Dark-Haired Man]

Description: Photograph of a dark-haired man with a beard wearing a suit jacket and a bow tie.
Date: unknown

[Photograph of a Woman]

Description: Photograph of an unidentified woman with her hair pulled back wearing a striped dress.
Date: unknown

[Photo of a Man]

Description: Photograph of an unidentified man wearing glasses and a suit jacket.
Date: unknown

[Photograph of a Man]

Description: Photograph of an unidentified bald man with a beard wearing a suit jacket and a bow tie.
Date: unknown

[Phillip Locker and Wife]

Description: Black and white portrait of man and woman. man is P. Locker and wife is unidentified.
Date: unknown

Kossuth Barry

Description: Black and white portait of Kossuth Barry, aka Kos Barry, son of Buck Barry
Date: unknown

Cumberland Presbyterian General Assebly

Description: Large group of members of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church General Assembly in Marshall Town, Iowa, posing in front of church. The back says Sister G A Robinson
Date: unknown

[Unidentified group]

Description: Large group men, women and children posing in front of building, some wearing badges
Date: unknown

Birthday Party for Mrs R V Ferguson

Description: Large group of people atteding a birtday party honoring Mrs R V Ferguson, given by John Sleeper at the Boating and Fishing Club in Waco on December 15, 1938. They are dressed formally, some are seated in chairs in front row and some are standing in back. Those attending: Mrs Allen D Sanford, Mr John Sleeper, Mrs R V Ferguson, Mr Allen D Sanford, Miss Minnie Killough, Judge P S Hale, Mrs R L Baldridge, Mr H J Cureton, Mrs A J Hall, Mr Tom M Sleeper, Mrs Jennie Crow, Judge W M Sleeper, Mrs P S Hale, Mr R L Baldridge, Mrs W M Sleeper, Mr R V Ferguson, Mrs John Sleeper, Dr A J Hall, Mrs Ida E Lumpkin, Mr R M Killough, Mrs Tom M Sleeper, Mr Frank Woodruff, Miss Mary Pearl Hale, Mrs Hattie Bush, Mrs Craig Logan, Miss Marjorie Hale, Mr Craig Logan, Mrs H J Cureton, Miss Susie Sleeper
Date: 1938

[Meridian College group]

Description: Large group of students from Meridian College posing in front of school, dated March, 1920
Date: 1920

Meridian College Campus

Description: Meridian College Campus, five large buildings, one in center is Higgins Hall, boys dormitory
Date: 1920

[Clifton school photograph]

Description: Large group of students, all ages, and members of faculty in center, posing for picture in front of school
Date: unknown

[Unidentified military group]

Description: Large formation of unidentified cadets, wearing dark jackets and white trousers, with seven cadets in front with swords and flags
Date: unknown

Turner Drug Store

Description: J E Turner Drug Store; 103 N Main, Meridian. Group of seven men posing inside Turner Drugstore located in Meridian. Preston Hornbuckle is first on left and J E Turner is last on right. Group of unidentified men in center of back of store near woodstove. From Avirett Collection.
Date: unknown

Kopperl Street Scene

Description: Kopperl street scene showing store fronts, dirt street with buggies and teams of horses, a well in the street, two men sitting on front porch of one store front.
Date: 1907

Trade Day in Meridian

Description: Downtown street scene in Meridian, presumably a trades day, showing many people on foot milling around, many men and women in horse and buggies, several store fronts with top of courthouse showing in background.
Date: unknown

Meridian Public Library Parade Float

Description: Horse drawn wagon with man driving five women and four children making up a parade float for the public library in Meridian. Parade was for building the public library in Meridian in 1910.
Date: 1910~

Texas Central Railroad Steam Engine

Description: Near Walnut Springs, a Texas Central "Lone Star" steam engine with fuel car. A group of men and boys standing in front and around back and side of engine. Also shows railroad workers. Engine is No. 104. Photo by M E Hughes, Walnut Springs.
Date: unknown