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[Clifton Centennial-1952 #10]

Description: Photograph of the Public Service Company float, which was part of the 1952 Clifton, Texas centennial celebrations. This is a head-on view of a truck with a flatbed; a clothesline with clothing is strung across the bed and there is a couple dressed as pioneers on the float in addition to the driver. Buildings, parked cars, and other people are visible on either side of the street.
Date: 1952
Creator: Blewitt, William

[Finstad Family #3]

Description: Photograph of six men, wearing suits, posing in a line in front of a building They are identified as the Finstad brothers (left to right): John, Henry, Ole, Eddie, Leonard and Allison. These men are direct descendents of early Bosque County Norwegian settlers Martinus H. Finstad and Karen J. Nelson Finstad.
Date: [1950..1959]
Creator: Blewitt, William

Davis Brothers Steam Thresher

Description: Crew of several men and young boys posing for picture, while working in hay field. Two young boys standing in front, barefoot and wearing straw hats, beside man. Two men beside thresher, two young boys sitting next to wheel of thresher, three wagons full of hay with men standing on top, one empty with one man standing in wagon, and one being unloaded onto hay stack, one man holding team of mules, and one buggy. Scene is on the August Bernhardt farm.
Date: 1909~

[Woodmen of the World]

Description: Large group of men, women and children posing in front of Iredell Hotel, some standing on balcony, and some standing on porch, back of photograph says "Daddy is standing by post on lower porch" and "Taken in Iredell at time of Hickory Walling Unveiling, August 1905"
Date: 1905~