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[two children (in knitted caps) on porch]
Two children in knitted caps standing on a porch. The mother is in the background.
[Two Men in a House]
Photograph of two men, possibly construction workers, standing by a barrel and several sawhorses inside a building in Texas.
[Two Men Kneeling in Snow]
Photograph of two men kneeling in a field covered in snow during the winter in Texas. There are trees on either side of them.
[Two Men on a Hill]
Photograph of two men standing on a hill looking at the trees to the right.
[Two unidentified churches]
Two unidentified churches in Bosque County.
[Two Women and Child]
Photograph of two women seated in a wood chairs in a field. The woman on the right holds a baby in her lap, and buildings are visible in the background.
[Two Wooden Buildings]
Photograph of two one-story wooden buildings in Texas. Trees are visible in the background.
[Unidentified church #1]
Unidentified church in Bosque County.
[Unidentified church #2]
Unidentified church in Bosque County.
[Unidentified church #3]
Unidentified church in Bosque County.
[Unidentified church #4]
Unidentified church in Bosque County.
[Unidentified church in snow]
Unidentified church in snow in Bosque County.
[Unidentified Civil War veterans]
Group of thirty seven unidentified Civil War veterans, first row sitting on a bench, second row standing. Some wearing parts of uniforms, posing in front of large oak tree.
[Unidentified family group]
Home in Valley Mills TX with picket fence and stone fireplace. Family standing in front, man holding child. Possibly the home of one of the Scrutchfield daughters.
[Unidentified family group]
Unidentified family of ten posing for picture on and around front porch of one story frame house.
[Unidentified Farmhouse and Large Barn]
Unidentified large farmhouse with 2 outbuildings, a large barn, and cistern sitting on a small rise. Stockade fence and fields.
[Unidentified group]
Unidentified group at a formal dinner party, seated at table. Some are numbered on the photo; 1-Mrs R V Ferguson, 2-Mr R V Ferguson, 3-Mrs Marshall, 4-Harvey Hughes, 5-Mrs Josephine Fields, 6-Mr Muirhead, 7-Loreen Alexander, 8- Drahn Foster, 9-Felix Harris, 10-Hallie Simpson, 11-Louie Crow, 12-Miriam Turner, 13-Marie Cureton, 14-Mrs Jennie A Crow, 15-H J Cureton, 16-Bailey Hughes, 17-Senator Earl B Mayfield, 18-hodges Hughes, the honored guest, 19-Willis Turner
[Unidentified group]
Large group men, women and children posing in front of building, some wearing badges
[Unidentified group photograph]
Unidentified group of men, women and children posing on the banks of the Bosque River, two girls in front, some of the group are sitting in front row, and some standing in back. All (but the two men in the front row) are wearing hats.
[Unidentified House]
Unidentified House, Late 1800s, by W E Coffman, photographer from Keene, TX. White frame with gingerbread porch. Windmill in background, flowers and trees in front.
[Unidentified man]
Oval photograph of young man in gray suite with lapel pin and wearing glasses
[Unidentified man]
Unidentified black and white portrait of man, broken in two pieces. Man is wearing balck bow tie light shirt, dark suit, and has goatee
[Unidentified Man and Woman]
Unidentified man and woman standing in yard. Two-story frame farmhouse with balcony upstairs covering front porch. A diamond shaped window on front section upstairs. Small outbuilding out back and to left with high, pointed roof.
[Unidentified military group]
Large formation of unidentified cadets, wearing dark jackets and white trousers, with seven cadets in front with swords and flags
[Unidentified school group]
Group of students, all ages, and possibly teachers, posing for picture in front of light colored, wooden frame building, with double doors and porch
[Unidentified school group photograph]
Students, all ages, and faculty posing for group picture, in front of unidentified rock school, broken transom window above door
[Unidentified school group photograph ]
Students and faculty posing for school photograph, in front of unidentified white plank-board, one room schoolhouse
[Unidentified school group picture]
Students, all ages, posing for school photograph, teacher in the middle, in front of unidentified wooden framed school
[Unidentified School Group Picture]
Group of students posing in front of building, possibly a home being used for school, all ages
[Unidentified thresher crew]
Thresher crew, consisting of large thresher motored by tractor, several wagons pulled by teams of horses, and one large enclosed wagon pulled by team of horses
[Unidentified Two-story House]
Two-story wood frame house, peaked roof, 4-columned front porch, on stone foundation. Foundation appears to contain a basement with windows. Wood structure to left of house, with lawn and sidewalk going up slight rise to front porch.
[Unknown family group]
Unidentified family group, posing for studio portrait, in Wiseman Studio in Hico. Parents are seated in front and young boy and girl are standing in back.
[Valley Mills Backs (football team) #1]
Members of a football team
[Valley Mills Backs (football team) #2]
Members of a football team
[Valley Mills Backs (football team) #3]
Members of a football team
[Valley Mills Backs (football team) #4]
Members of a football team
[De Vaney, Jack (Custanason) #1]
Family "portrait" with unidentified man, with woman holding baby in lap. Woman was possibly as Custaneson.
[De Vaney, Jack (Custanason) #2]
Four adults and one baby
[De Vaney, Jack (Custanason) #3]
Baby propped on pillow
[De Vaney, Jack (Custanason) #4]
Two women, seated on sofa, one holding baby
[vegetable farming]
Group of people in a vegetable field with house in the background.
Veterans and Dames of 1846
Group of men and women posing on the steps of the Tarrant County Courthouse, first row is seated and six rows standing on steps. Photograph taken by Charles L Swartz, May 22, 1902. Mrs. M. Moore Murdock, founder of The Dames of 1846, is seated in the center of the front row.
W A McNemar
Black and white photograph of W A McNemar of Valley Mills
Walnut Springs Railroad Headquarters
Group of twenty-five railroad workers in front of train shop. Shows three trains under shop roof, men standing in front.
[Wedding Photo]
Photograph of a large group of men, women, and children posing together on the porch of a house during a wedding. The bride and groom are seated in chairs directly above the stairs on the left, and there are plants in front of the building.
[Wheat cutting crew]
Crew (possibly Womack Brothers) of several men and young boys posing for picture in wheat field. One man on horseback, one man riding in buggy driven by team of mules,seven young boys and two men standing in front of thresher, one man riding wagon behind thresher. The thresher appears to be pulled by team of eight mules.
[Whisenhunt (Baby birthday) #1]
Toddler on tabletop behind large birthday cake
[Whisenhunt (Baby birthday) #2]
Toddler seated in rocker on top of bed
[Whisenhunt (Baby birthday) #3]
Toddler standing on table
[Whitney Dam #1]
Photograph of the construction of Whitney Dam.