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[Photograph of Igor I. Siorsky]

Description: Photograph of Igor I. Sikorsky. Mr. Sikorsky is wearing a suit with an ID name clip hanging from his left-breast pocket. He's holding a model airplane in his right hand (his left arm is out of shot), and there are out-of-focus frames on the wall behind him. On the back of the photograph is a stamp giving the Boyce-Ditto Public Library address, handwritten notes, and a sticker identifying the photo's subject.
Date: unknown

[Photograph of Senator Tom Creighton]

Description: Head-shot of Texas Senator Tom Creighton. Mr. Creighton is wearing a dark suit and tie, and half of his face is partially shadowed. The backdrop is dark and out-of-focus. On the back of the photograph are handwritten notes and two stamps: one giving the Boyce-Ditto Public Library's address and the other giving the photo printer's information.
Date: unknown
Creator: Christianson Leberman House of Portraits

[Photograph of Chet Huntley]

Description: Photograph of Chet Huntley from NBC News, wearing a light-colored suit and a dark, striped tie. The photograph is signed by Mr. Huntley, in the bottom left corner. On the back of the photograph is a handwritten note reading, "70%," a stamp giving the Boyce-Ditto Public Library's address, and a circular yellow stain. There's also a portion of typewritten text on the stain, but the rest of the text has been torn off.
Date: unknown

[The Building of Camp Wolters]

Description: An automobile--presumably of the late 1930's--is parked by a building in the process of being built. Workmen may be seen at the site. A legend under the original reads: "Buildings seem to literally spring from the earth when the construction of the then Camp Wolters began in November, 1940. The camp was completed in less than four months and became the nation's largest infantry Replacement Training Center. Construction cost was approximately $14,200,000."
Date: 1940

[Another View of Mineral Wells]

Description: This picture shows several different styles of house prominent in Mineral Wells, ranging from Colonial Revival (center) Queen Anne (upper tier, right), to Classical Revival (Upper tier, center). The Convention Hall is barely visible in the lower left corner, so the picture clearly antedates its demolition.
Date: unknown

[The Demolition of the Convention Hall, 5 of 5]

Description: The Convention Hall met its end in 1979--after forty-five years of use. The exact location of this photograph in relation to the interior of the convention hall remains unknown. The picture shows two Roman arches, which must have been stress-relieving as well as serving as portals of access to various parts of the basement. The ends of two girders, which must have helped support the floor above them, are clearly visible above the nearer arch.
Date: unknown