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[Letter from Zack Mosley to Major Phillips, August 29, 1967]

Description: Handwritten letter from cartoonist Zack Mosley to Major Phillips, responding to a letter he received from the major. He writes that he has enclosed a drawing of his cartoon, Smilin' Jack. At the top of the letter is a stylized letterhead with Smilin' Jack's head and Mr. Mosley's signature. On the back of the letter is a stamp giving the Boyce-Ditto Public Library's address. The letterhead on the front is clearly visible from the back of the letter.
Date: August 29, 1967
Creator: Mosley, Zack

[Photograph of General James K. Woolnough]

Description: Head-shot of Commanding General in the US Army James K. Woolnough. The general is in uniform and is sitting against a light-colored background. On the back of the photograph are typewritten information about the photo (such as the photo's subject, photographer, etc.), a stamp giving the Boyce-Ditto Public Library's address, and handwritten notes.
Date: July 5, 1967
Creator: Jameson, E.

[An Aerial Picture of Downtown Mineral Wells]

Description: An aerial picture of downtown Mineral Wells is shown here. The Baker Hotel (right middle of picture) and the Crazy Hotel (left middle) are included in it. Note: The "Welcome" sign was moved from its original location on the hill behind the Baker Hotel in 1972. It was moved to the east side of Bald Mountain which is due east of the Baker and now called Welcome Mountain, just above and to the right of the Baker Hotel, where it remains today. The Damron Hotel (shown one block this side, west of the Baker, in this picture) burned in 1975, thus dating this photograph to an era between 1972 and 1975.
Date: April 29, 1967

[An Aerial View of Cantex and Mineral Wells From the East, 1967]

Description: An aerial view of Mineral Wells, taken from the east and south of Hubbard Street, April 29, 1967 is shown here. Note the Baker Hotel in the upper right corner of the picture. The Cantex Manufacturing Company is in foreground. Once a part of Texas-Vit (vitreous clay products), it is now producing PVC plastic products. The railroad right-of-way shows as a dark corridor to the right and above Cantex in the picture. The street at the far right of the picture is East Hubbard Street, and one block left of it is SE 1st Street (together forming U. S. Highway 180, providing one-way traffic, both west and east, through downtown Mineral Wells.)
Date: April 29, 1967
Creator: Weaver, A. F.