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Pictorial History of Fort Wolters, Volume 13: Police, Fire, Training Aids, Band, Weather Squadron, Recreation, Prisoner of War Camp, Nike, Camp Wolters Enterprise, Parks

Description: This volume includes a brief history (and many photographs) of Fort Wolters' 84th Military Police Detachment, Fire Department, Training Aids, 328th Army Band, Weather Squadron, Recreation, Prisoner of War Camp 1943-1945, Nike, Camp Wolters Enterprise, and Parks.
Date: unknown
Creator: Casper, Willie H., Jr.


Description: This booklet gives an overview of thunderstorms as they relate to aviation. According to the scope notes on the title page, it includes information about "Factors necessary for thunderstorm formation, structures, types and dangers of thunderstorms, [and] flight techniques." The text also has self-evaluation questions printed throughout, with the answers printed on the last page.
Date: January 1970
Creator: Turgeon; Sukalski; Burdick, R. L. & McKinney, S. A.