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Pictorial History of Fort Wolters, Volume 13: Police, Fire, Training Aids, Band, Weather Squadron, Recreation, Prisoner of War Camp, Nike, Camp Wolters Enterprise, Parks

Description: This volume includes a brief history (and many photographs) of Fort Wolters' 84th Military Police Detachment, Fire Department, Training Aids, 328th Army Band, Weather Squadron, Recreation, Prisoner of War Camp 1943-1945, Nike, Camp Wolters Enterprise, and Parks.
Date: unknown
Creator: Casper, Willie H., Jr.

The Piedmont Hotel [The First Piedmont Hotel]

Description: We have here a picture (perhaps an early photograph) of the first Piedmont Hotel,where the Baker Hotel Garage is presently [2015]. It was built by a colonel R.W. Duke of Weatherford, Texas. He purchased the block and built this frame hotel. Later on, a large brick building was put in its place. This photograph (which was apparently taken from "Cutter's Guide to Mineral Wells") appears on page 104 of A.F. Weaver's book "TIME WAS In Mineral Wells," Second Edition, 1988.
Date: unknown

Piedmont Hotel - [The Second Piedmont Hotel]

Description: This photograph occurs on page 104 of "Time Was in Mineral Wells" (first edition) by A. F. Weaver. The caption reads: "The Second Piedmont Hotel located on 2nd Avenue [sic] and East Hubbard was demolished to give room for the Baker Hotel Garage. It was used as an office for the Army Engineers during the construction of Possum Kingdom Dam." This hotel was probably located on the same site as the first Piedmont Hotel, which was built by a Colonel Duke of Weatherford, Texas, (a two story wooden structure) a picture of which is also on page 104 of the same edition of "Time Was in Mineral Wells."
Date: unknown