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[An Aerial View of Mineral Wells From the East-northeast, 1967]

Description: This aerial view of Mineral Wells, from ENE looking WSW, was taken April 29, 1967. Please note the Brazos Mall and Spanish Trace Apartments building across the street from it in the upper middle of the picture. ANTENNA PRODUCTS is at the left edge of the picture. CANTEX (PVC products) is above and left of the Brazos Mall. The Mesa Motel and Sands Motel are at the lower left corner. The large Vacant area was latter developed when the Lakewell House Retirement Home was built near the middle of it,
Date: April 29, 1967
Creator: Weaver, A. F.

[An Aerial View of Mineral Wells From the Northwest, 1967]

Description: This photograph illustrates an aerial view of Mineral Wells from the northwest. Note the Baker Hotel in the middle of the top half of the picture. The Crazy Water Hotel is below the Baker (two blocks in front). The Box Factory is the white many-storied building a few blocks below The Crazy and near the center of the picture. The Nazareth Hospital is a block to the right of The Crazy. The Mineral Wells Box Factory (Formerly the Crazy Water Crystals plant) is about two blocks this side (below) the Crazy Hotel and Convention Hall is a block to its left. The photograph was taken April 29, 1967.
Date: April 29, 1967
Creator: Weaver, A. F.

[An Aerial View of Mineral Wells From the Southeast, 1967]

Description: An aerial photograph that was taken April 29, 1967 of Mineral Wells looks northwest. Notable landmarks are the Baker Hotel (in the middle of the picture), United First Methodist Church (a block east and to the right of the Baker), the Crazy Water Hotel (above the church), the Box Factory two-three blocks right of The Crazy, the Old High School (the three-story structure about six blocks left (west) of the Baker at the edge of the populated area), and the Old Rock School House (right and adjacent to) the Old High School.
Date: April 29, 1967
Creator: Weaver, A. F.

[Beetle Bailey Fort Wolters Cartoon]

Description: Cartoon depicting a sign held in the air by helicopters at the upper corners and dangling soldiers in the lower corners; it says "11th Anniversary Primary Helicopter School." Sergent Snorkel is leaning out of the helicopter on the left to say "Come on Beetle! You're letting your end sag!" A note at the bottom says "With best wishes to all the gang at Fort Wolters - Mort Walker."
Date: 1967
Creator: Walker, Mort

[Fort Wolters Anniversary Cartoon]

Description: Cartoon panel drawn for the 11th anniversary of the Fort Wolters Helicopter School in Texas. In the image, two men are in a helicopter cockpit and the helicopter is upside-down. There are two speech bubbles that say: "You chump, you got this thing flying up-side-down" and "I have? Well, it is different, isn't it?" A note in the lower-right corner says "To Fort Wolters the best - Al Smith."
Date: 1967~
Creator: Smith, Al