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[Ark and Bimah, main sanctuary at Beth-El Congregation]
Photograph, taken in 2000, of the "bimah" or altar in the main sanctuary at Beth-El Congregation, 207 W. Broadway, Fort Worth. The building was constructed in 1920, rebuilt in 1948 after a fire gutted the interior, and remodeled in 1981. The 1948 rebuilding and redesign were by the Hungarian-American interior designer Erno Fabry. His design ideas include the stone wall behind the altar, built with reddish Colorado travertine, the ark (which contained the Torahs) framed with gray-veined cremo-Italian marble, as well as the gate with its Art Deco design, and the copper-colored menorahs flanking the ark. In 1981, architect-designer John Mike Cohen of St. Louis oversaw a major remodeling of the sanctuary with peach carpet, chairs, and fiberglass lights resembling a flock of dove.
[Beth-El Congregation's Second Synagogue]
Photograph of the front entrance of the second house of worship for Beth-El Congregation, Fort Worth's Reform Jewish congregation. The two-story building at 207 W. Broadway Ave., was constructed with red brick and limestone accents. The temple's facade has a frieze above the entry with a quote from Psalms ("Give Ear, O Lord, Unto My Prayer") as well as two menorahs above the entrance. There are many stained-glass windows on the front and side of the building, protected by storm windows. At the far right of the photograph, Broadway Baptist Church is visible behind the synagogue. There is also a car in the bottom right corner, and a lamppost with the street names "Galveston" and "W. Broadway" in the foreground.
[Bishop Cassata and Rabbi Robert Schur]
Bishop John J. Cassata, first Roman Catholic bishop of the Diocese of Fort Worth, and Rabbi Robert Schur together at the Beth-El Congregation in the 1970s.
[Carb family portrait]
Portrait of the Carb family, a founding family of Beth-El Congregation. Clockwise, from left, Isadore Carb(1852-1915), and his children Meredith Carb, David Carb, and Gladys Carb.
Color photograph of the small sanctuary in Beth-El Congregation's building at 4900 Briarhaven Road in Fort Worth.
[Confirmation Class of 1905]
First confirmation class of Beth-El Congregation, 1905, Fort Worth.The six girls are dressed in lacy white dresses, have large white bows in their hair, and hold bouquets of flowers. The 3 boys and the rabbi wear white ties and dark suits. Front Row: Jennie Levenson (Rosenthal), Erma Carb (Nathan), Gladys Carb (Gugenheim), Bessie Brown (Carb), Marguerite Weltman Back Row: Nathan Schulitz, Rabbi Joseph Jasin, Rose Laskin, Byron Gernsbacher, Roy Gernsbacher
[Confirmation Class of 1909]
Confirmation class of 1909, Beth-El Congregation, Fort Worth. The six girls, dressed in frilly white dresses, hold confirmation bibles and rolled-up confirmation certificates. At their feet are baskets of flowers. The four boys, standing with the rabbi at the center, hold confirmation certificates. Some of the boys have dark ties, and others, white ties. Front Row: Sara Gernsbacher, Hazel Brann, Dora Eckert (Herman), Lena Solomon (Gernsbacher) Back Row: Rufus Goldstucker, (first name?) Blumberg, Rabbi George Zepin, (first name?) Lasker, Sol Gordon.
[Confirmation Class of 1933]
Confirmation class of 1933 standing at the altar of the Beth-El Synagogue at 207 W. Broadway Ave., Fort Worth. This is the first year that the confirmands wore robes -- white for the girls and black for the boys. From left: Sylvia Levine, Jerome Holland, Lila Letwin (Tuchin), Bill Carb, Dorothy Davis, Ivan Miller, Bernice Gressman (Meyerson), Rabbi Harry Merfeld, Minette Rosenthal (Urbach), Edward Martin, Jayne Davidson (Slatkin), Bill Gilbert, Jane Gernsbacher (Meyerson), David Samson, Helen Klar (Gordon). In the background are the choir loft and pipe organ. This is one of the few photographs that show the interior of the original synagogue, which was gutted by fire in 1946.
[Confirmation Class of 1946]
Confirmation class of 1946 standing in the sanctuary of Beth-El Congregation, 207 W. Broadway, Fort Worth. This is the last photo of the interior of the building before it was gutted by fire in the summer of 1946. Left to right: Lee Laves, Audrey Groginski, Selma Tiras, Gilbert Friedson, Miriam "Mimi" Bronstein (Klotz), Barbara Faye Cohn, Charlene Rosenthal, Samuel Gilbert, Rabbi Samuel D. Soskin, Beth-El President Raymond Cohen, Danny Glazer, Harriett Friedson, Dorothy Adler, Margot Myers (Feld), Bernard Rosenstein, Diane Soskin, Barbara Rubenstein, Jerald Blum.
[Confirmation Class of 1963]
Confirmation Class of 1953 standing together at Beth-El Congregation, 207 W. Broadway, Ft. Worth. Left to right: William Paul Siegel, Jeannette Rashti, R. Gordon Appleman, Linda Prinz, Marvin Breslau, Peachie Hillman (Rudberg), Rabbi Milton Rosenbaum, Sue Goldstein, Morton H. Meyerson, Rosalyn Levy (Rubin), Don Herman, Arthur Miron.
Confirmation Class of 1975
Confirmation class of 1975 standing in a sanctuary at Beth-El Congregation, 207 W. Broadway, Ft. Worth. Debra Reitman, Julie Evans, Polly Boardman, Gayle Margolis, Cathy Sanford, Tami Hoffman, Shari Freed (Stein), Debby Kleiman, Rabbi Robert J. Schur, Aaron Siegel, Douglas Samson, Daniel Blumberg, Eric Rappaport, Michael Altman, Lee Denbina, Russell Feld.
Confirmation Class of 1984
Confirmation class of 1984 standing in the sanctuary at Beth-El Congregation, 207 W. Broadway, Fort Worth. Front Row: Education Director Ellen Mack, Tara Engle, Debra Rubin, Scott Sankary, Brad Greenman, Steven Black Second Row: Kellie Bowsher, Bradley Lamensdorf, Alissa Baum, Teri Kottler, Michael Margolis, Jeffrey Simon Back Row: Rabbi Ralph Mecklenburger, Aimee Yentis(Garner), Amy Adelson, Brian Bihari, Curtis Sheldon, Michael Appleman, Rabbi Robert J. Schur.
[Confirmation Class of 1989]
Confirmation class of 1989 standing in a synagogue at Beth-El Congregation, Ft. Worth. . Front Row: Education Director Ellen Mack, Shelly Stein (Gannot), Tyler Cohen, Sara Beth Oderberg (Thompson), Jacqueline Miller, Jessica Ross; Back Row: Brian Roper, Andy Bzostek, Hamilton Schwartz, Mark Weiner, Philip Bronstein.
[Confirmation Class of 1990]
Color photograph of the confirmation class of 1990, Beth-El Congregation, Fort Worth. Pictured from left to right, front row: education director Ellen Mack, Deborah Ferstenfeld, Chava Rousch, Andre LaMere, Carinne Wiener, Caryn Taurog, Josh Granek, Melissa Minker. Second row: Elisa Berman, Dawn Weiner, Gabriella Gluck, Rebecca Schwartz, Jackie Lederman, Mark Goldman, Rabbi Ralph Mecklenburger; back row: Seth Friedman, Michael Berenzweig, Ross Cravens, Jeremy Goldman, Michael Gilbert, Greg Bogomol.
Confirmation Class of 1997
Confirmation class of 1997 standing in the main sanctuary at Beth-El Congregation, Ft. Worth. Front Row: Grant Rubinson, Ashli Rosenthal, Amanda Hollander, Michael Ferstenfeld, Education Director Claudia Rivera Back Row: Cantor Karen Webber Gilat, Russell Oshman, Alan Mecklenburger, Ethan Pew, Rabbi Ralph Mecklenburger
[Confirmation Class of 2006]
Confirmation class of 2006 standing at Beth-El Congregation, 4900 Briarhaven Rd., Ft. Worth. Over their robes, each student is wearing a prayer shawl, called a "tallit." Front Row: Religious School Director Ilana Krust, Marissa Berenson, Erin Hahn, Ace Factor Back Row: Rabbi Ralph Mecklenburger, David Williams, Laura Finucane, Eli Holley
[Congregation Ahavath Sholom]
Exterior photograph of Congregation Ahavath Sholom at 819 Taylor Street in Fort Worth which was razed in 1951. The brick building was constructed in 1906.
[Consecration Class of 1951]
Consecration Class of 1951 at Beth-El Congregation in Fort Worth. Standing on the far left is Rabbi Milton Rosenbaum holding the Torah. Standing in the back is first-grade teacher Amelia Rosenstein. The consecration ushers children into their religious school studies.
[Consecration Class of 1965]
Consecration Class of 1965, Beth-El Congregation, Ft. Worth. In the back row, religious school director Lil Goldman holds a lulav, a bouquet of season greens. Rabbi Robert Schur holds the Torahs. First row: Rusty Feld, Gayle Margolis (Sondecker), Polly Boardman, Michael Altman, Cathy Sanford, Lee Denbina, Daniel Blumberg, Tami Hoffman (Jara). Second row: Bob Davis, Douglas Samson, Aaron Siegel, Julie Evans (Johnson), Daniel Krakower, Patricia Livne, Sharie Freed (Stein), Pamela Cody ( Baer), Debby Kleinman Third row: Religious school director Lilaine Goldman, 1st grade teacher Amelia Rosenstein, student aide Valerie Hall, Rabbi Robert J. Schur Not pictured: James Bennett
[Consecration Class of 1985]
Consecration class of 1985, Beth-El Congregation, Ft. Worth. First row: Ben Blumberg, Henry Smith, Danny Schwartz, Emily Hoffman, Sharon Bzostek Second row: Joshua Sigman, Haley Florsheim, Joan Miller, Brian Abrams, Julia Schwartz, Lori Miller Third row:: Rabbi Ralph Mecklenburger, religious school director Ellen Mack, Rabbi Robert J. Schur, 1st grade teacher Judy Bogomol
[Consecration Class of 2006]
Consecration class of 2006 at Beth-El Congregation, Ft. Worth. Kindergarten teachers Libbe Berger; Lauren McCormick, Religious school director Ilana Knust, and Rabbi Ralph Mecklenburger. The alter or "bimah" is new at the temple Beth-El, 4900 Briarhaven Rd., Fort Worth.
[Emanuel Hebrew Rest Cemetery]
Photograph of the 1898 funeral of David Linsky (1850-1898) at Emanuel Hebrew Rest Cemetery in the 1400 block of S. Main Street in Fort Worth. Many horse-drawn buggies and drivers surround the cemetery, which is on a dirt street two miles south of downtown. Linsky, 48, was a member of Woodmen of the World, a fraternal lodge which provided the tombstone for his grave.
[Emanuel Hebrew Rest Cemetery, 1928, grave of Ben Levy]
Photograph of Ben Levy's grave and tombstone in the Emanuel Hebrew Rest Cemetery in October of 1928. The grave is covered with flowers. Ben Levy, (b. 8-31-1881, d.10-14-1928) was a jeweler. This is the family plot in which his parents and brothers are also buried.
[Exterior, Beth-El Congregation]
Color photograph of the exterior of Beth-El Congregation's building at 4900 Briarhaven Road, Fort Worth, which was constructed in 2000. The stone menorah, prominently displayed on the side of the building in relief, was removed from the facade of Beth-El's previous synagogue and placed at the entrance to the new building. A matching menorah flanks the other side of the entrance.
[Exterior gate, new Beth-El Congregation]
Photograph of the exterior gate of the new Beth-El Congregation at 4900 Briarhaven Rd. The Star of David is in the center of the gate with lines radiating outward from it. The new synagogue is visible through the gate.
[Facade, Beth-El Congregation, 207 W. Broadway Ave, Ft Worth]
Exterior facade of the Beth-El Congregation at 207 W. Broadway Ave in Fort Worth. The building is red brick with three sets of double doors on the front of the building. There are two relief menorahs on the front of the building on either side of a circular window.
[Floating Star, Interior of Beth-El Congregation Sanctuary]
Photograph of the floating star which was suspended from the ceiling as part of the interior design of the sanctuary when Beth-El was rebuilt in 1948 after the 1946 fire. The interior designer was the Hungarian-American architect Erno Fabry.
[Hebrew Institute to Congregation Ahavath Sholom]
Exterior photograph of the Hebrew Institute to Congregation Ahavath Sholom in the 800 block Taylor Street in Fort Worth. From 1910 until 1951 the building served as a place for Hebrew School classes and meetings, it also functioned as a gym. There are two "For Lease" signs on the front of the building.
[Henry and Julia Faulk Gernsbacher. 1930]
Henry and Julia Faulk Gernsbacher (1859-1935) pose for their 50th wedding anniversary photo in 1930. Henry Gernsbacher (1858-1936), a kitchen-supply merchant, was the founder of Fort Worth's Beth-El Congregation. The couple had six sons. Their family business remained in operation until the end of the century.
[Holiday of Succot, ca. 1949-1950]
Students of the Beth-El Congregation celebrate the Holiday of Succot around 1949-1950. They built a succah, a tabernacle or booth covered with seasonal greens and fruits, on the altar of the synagogue at 207 W. Broadway Ave., Fort Worth.
[Interior, Beth-El Congregation Sanctuary, after 1981 remodeling]
Interior photograph of the remodeled sanctuary at the Beth-El Congregation at 207 W. Broadway Ave in Fort Worth. Theatre-style chairs circle around a central podium. Large stained-glass windows are visible on the far right and fiberglass lamps, evoking a flock of dove, hang from the ceiling. The sanctuary was designed by St. Louis architect John Mike Cohen.
[Interior of Beth-El Congregation Sanctuary]
Photograph of the interior of the second house of worship for Fort Worth's Reform Jewish congregation after being remodeled in 1981. This image was taken with the main lights turned off to show the sanctuary's 72 Castelli fiberglass lights, which evoke the imagery of a flock of doves. The stained glass in the background dates to the 1948 remodeling.
[Main sanctuary at new synagogue, Beth-El Congregation]
Panoramic photograph of the interior of of the synagogue of the Beth-El Congregation at 4900 Briarhaven Rd in Fort Worth which was completed in August of 2000. The photograph was taken from the balcony. The seating on the floor fills the bottom half of the photo while large stained-glass windows fill the back wall.
[Main sanctuary, Beth-El, ca. late 1920's or mid-1930's]
Children celebrating the holidays of Succot and Simchat Torah in the main sanctuary of the Beth-El Congregation, 207 W. Broadway, taken in the late 1920s or mid-1930s. This rare photo is among the few that show the original interior of the temple sanctuary, which featured a choir loft and a pipe organ.
[Menorah Sculpture]
Menorah Sculpture cast in bronze by artist Gene Owens. The sculpture was created in 1962 for the Galveston Street entrance to the new religious-school wing of Beth-El Congregation. In the summer of 2000, the sculpture was moved to the congregation's new building at 4900 Briarhaven Rd., where this picture was taken in 2002. Beth-El's archivist, Hollace Weiner, stands behind the sculpture.
[Painting #1, montage of ritual images at Beth-El]
Painting #1 which is a montage mural painting of ritual images in the foyer of Beth-El Congregation at 4900 Briarhaven Rd., Fort Worth. The artist was Archie Rand.
[Painting #2, montage of ritual images at Beth-El]
Painting #2 which is a montage mural painting of ritual images in the foyer of Beth-El Congregation at 4900 Briarhaven Rd., Fort Worth. The artist was Archie Rand.
Painting of the First Rabbi of Beth-El Congregation, Rabbi Solomon Philo
Painting of the first rabbi of Beth-El Congregation, Rabbi Solomon Philo (1842-1923). Hired on probation for $100 a month, he served the congregation for its first four months, from September through December of 1902. In the painting, he is a bearded man with white hair and waxed mustache studying from a book on a table in front of him. He wears a dark suit with a bow tie and black skull cap. There are two rings on his fingers and he is leaning on the table.
[Past presidents, B'nai B'rith Lodge, Ft Worth]
Photograph of the past presidents of the B'nai B'rith Lodge in Fort Worth. There are seventeen men in two rows with a singular man standing by himself behind the second row. The men in the front row are seated in padded chairs and those behind are standing. They are in an unknown room with vertical stripes on the wall behind them and a patterned carpet on the floor. Seated, left to right: Arthur Rosenthal; unidentified; Herbie Berkowitz; Jack Gerrick; unidentified; Buddy Rosen; Leon Gachman. Standing, left to right: Jerry Wolens; Lou Barnett; Ben Gilbert; Joe Herman; Wally Nass; Sidney Raimey; Max Kaye; Milton Simon; Sidney Levinson; Al Wexler.
[Photograph of Isidore Carb]
Portrait of Isidore Carb (1852-1915) wearing a dark-colored suit, visible from the waist up. Carb, a cotton broker and real estate appraiser, was a Mississippi native who came to Fort Worth in 1882. He was one of the founding members of the Beth-El Congregation in 1902. The photograph is on a light-colored paper and attached to a dark mat board.
[Photograph of the Beth-El Synagogue]
Photograph of the east side of Beth-El Congregation's third synagogue located at 4900 Briarhaven Rd. in Fort Worth, Texas. This image was taken shortly after the congregation moved to this location in 2000 and it shows one side of the exterior including large windows near the roof. The building was designed by Fort Worth Architect David Stanford. It was constructed by DeMoss Co.
[Photograph of the Exterior Corner Detail of Beth-El Temple]
Photograph is a detail of the exterior corner of Beth-El Congregation's third synagogue located at 4900 Briarhaven Rd., Fort Worth. The photo, taken shortly after the building was completed in 2000, includes close-up details of the light-colored limestone bricks and the underside of the roof with its original copper color.
[Photograph of the Exterior of Beth-El Temple]
Photograph of the southwest corner exterior of Beth-El Congregation's third synagogue. The photo, taken shortly after the building was completed in 2000, shows the roof's copper color. There are also a few cars in the parking lot, and the lawn work is in progress. The building was designed by Fort Worth architect David Stanford. The contractor was the DeMoss Co.
[Photograph of the Interior of Beth-El Temple]
Photograph of the interior of Beth-El Congregation's third synagogue in Fort Worth, Texas. There are multiple clear windows behind the altar and stained glass windows above the altar. The "eternal light" called a "ne'r tamid," in the shape of a bronze torch, is mounted on the wall over the ark.
[Purim at Beth-El Congregation, ca. 1948]
Children dressed up for Purim at the Beth-El Congregation around 1948. Standing: La Rue Glickman, Sandra Rashti, Realene Mehl, Sue Goldstein, Dorothy Prager, Sonya Sandler, Esther Rosenthal Kneeling: Rabbi Milton Rosenbaum, Don Herman, Morton Meyerson, Jay Weinstein
[Purim masquerade ball, ca. 1910]
Large gathering of people in the hall of the Hebrew Institute for the Purim masquerade ball.
[Rabbi Ralph D. Mecklenburger, 2000]
Rabbi Ralph D. Mecklenburger, spiritual leader at Beth-El Congregation,the Reform synagogue in Fort Worth.
[Rabbi Ralph Mecklenburger with wife, Ann; Rabbi Sidney Zimelman and wife, Vivian]
Photograph of Rabbi Ralph Mecklenburger of Beth-El Congregation with his wife, Ann, and Rabbi Sidney Zimelman of Congregation Ahavath Sholom Congregation with his wife, Vivian.
[Rabbi Ralph Mecklenburger with wife, Ann, Stan and Marcia Kurtz, and Nobel Laureate Ellie Wiesel]
Photograph of Rabbi Ralph Mecklenburger, his wife Ann, with Stan and Marcia Kurtz and Nobel Peace Laureate Ellie Wiesel in 2001 at Gates of Chai lecture series, Texas Christian University.
[Rabbi Robert Schur]
Portrait of Rabbi Robert Schur, Beth-El Congregation, Fort Worth, taken around 1970.