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Painting of the First Rabbi of Beth-El Congregation, Rabbi Solomon Philo
Painting of the first rabbi of Beth-El Congregation, Rabbi Solomon Philo (1842-1923). Hired on probation for $100 a month, he served the congregation for its first four months, from September through December of 1902. In the painting, he is a bearded man with white hair and waxed mustache studying from a book on a table in front of him. He wears a dark suit with a bow tie and black skull cap. There are two rings on his fingers and he is leaning on the table.
[Youth Group Flyer "Temple Teens Interfaith Program." Dec. 1959]
Youth group flyer of the Beth-El Congregation Temple Teens Interfaith Program. "Temple Teens Interfaith Program Sunday Dec. 13th Supper Promptly Served at 6:15 Social-Meeting Youth Group of First Unitarian Church Will Join Us All Temple High School Youth Coming to Shabbos Services Friday, December 18th. "`