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[1931 Birdville School 7th Grade and School Cornerstone]

Description: Photograph of the 1931 Birdville School 7th grade class and a photograph of the old Birdville School cornerstone. The first photo shows the seventh grade class posing together outside of a building in rows with a sign of their class below them. The second photo shows two men holding the cornerstone of the old Birdville School next to a model of the school.
Date: 1931

[1933 - 34 Birdville Basketball Team]

Description: Photograph of the Birdville Basketball team in the 1933 - 1934 school year. They all wear their uniforms, and stand in an open field with their arms crosses. In the front, a row of players sit on the ground with the player in the middle holding the ball while the back row stands with the coach.
Date: [1933,1934]

[1939 Fort Worth Cats]

Description: Photograph of the 1939 Fort Worth Cats baseball team posing together in a stadium. They wear their light colored uniforms and dark colored caps and are in two rows. The first row is crouching while the second row stands behind them.
Date: 1939

[Alice and Lon Barkley]

Description: Photograph of Alice and Lon Barkley sitting together in front of a backdrop looking toward the camera. Alice is wearing a dark colored dress with two layers with a bow around her neck. Lon wears a dark suit and vest underneath with a light colored shirt.
Date: unknown

[Aunt Nan]

Description: Photograph of Aunt Nan, a freedwoman who came to Texas during the Civil War with Benjamin Franklin Barkley from Kentucky, sitting in a chair with her right arm on a table. She wears a dark colored shirt, a light-colored cap, and an apron.
Date: unknown

[Baby Portrait of Edgar Duncan]

Description: Photograph of Edgar Duncan as a baby posing in front of a backdrop. He wears clothing that has two strips around the cuffs and a while outline around the collar. Written at the bottom of the photograph in handwriting is "Edgar Duncan, son of John Duncan".
Date: unknown
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