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A Manual of Texas Flora

Description: Manuscript for botany students describing 98 families of plants in Texas including 341 genera and 774 species. The book is organized into four parts: 1// Key to the Families, pages 1-100; 2// [Mustard] Family -- Flax Family, pages 101-150 and Flax Family -- Evening Primrose Family (Guara), pages 151-200; 3// Potato Family -- Madder Family (Galium), pages 251-300 and Evening Primrose Family (Guara) -- Solanaceae Pers. Potato Family, pages 201-250; 4// Honey Suckle Family -- Composite XVI. (Leptilon), pages 301-350 (First Part) and Composite XVI. (Leptilon) -- End, pages 351-383 (Second Part) with General Index of Latin Names, pages L1-L7, English Index, Including Popular Plant Names, pages E1-E6, and Glossary, pages G1-G11.
Date: August 28, 1916
Creator: Ruth, Albert
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