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[Mormon Mill Falls]

Description: Slide of Mormon Mill Falls. Taken a short distance away from the edge of the water, the image captured the waterfalls depositing into a still body of water. In the back, the landscape rises into high hills with many small bushes and trees crowding the rocks.
Date: unknown

[Metal Tool Touching Spinal Column]

Description: Slide of a partial spinal column within a lightly excavated mound of dirt. An upturned hand on the top left holds a slender metal utensil, as if about to touch the specimen. In the back right corner, slightly out of focus, an array of both fractured and whole bones can be seen. Some of these appear to have a head, similar to that of a femur or other bones found in limbs.
Date: unknown

[Outdoor Scene of Water and Small Waterfall]

Description: Slide of a pool of water lying next to and below what appears to be a walking path of sorts, judging by the picket fence that lines the top of the hill. From a center spot near the fence, a small stream of water falls down into the water, disturbing it slightly. A large tree is to the right, a short distance away from the edge of the water.
Date: unknown

[Stone Slab Near Water]

Description: Color slide of a stone slab on a grassy hill, a short distance away from a body of water. The slab is center right, and bears an inscription just below a high relief wreath enclosing a five-pointed star. The inscription reads: "Site of A settlement made in 1851 by 20 Mormon families under the leadership of Lyman Wight 1796-1858 * * Here they built homes, lumber mills, and shops for the manufacture of furniture * Abandoned in 1853" A smaller line of text below reads: "Erected by the State of Texas 1936" Accompanying information names the settlement Mormon Mill.
Date: 1936/OPEN