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[Transcript of Corrected Statement for a parcel of Bar Lead, Shot Lead, and Shot received of Moses Austin and sold by F. Meriult taken from an account of sales rendered by Meriult, 1804]

Description: Copy of transcript for a corrected statement of lead shot purchased from Moses Austin and sold on consignment by F. [Meriult]. The document includes information regarding dates, purchasers, number of bars or sheets or shot purchased, prices, and dolls.
Date: 1804

[Transcript of Credits to the House in the Village, February 20, 1808]

Description: Copy of transcript for a financial record detailing credits to the house in the village. The document includes dates, names, the amount of money credited to those individuals. The document also includes a description of the financing that paid for the house to be built, the period of time required for the construction of the house, and features of the house.
Date: February 20, 1808