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[Receipt for 16 dollars, 25 cents paid to Joseff Bader, April 29, 1844]

Description: Receipt for 16 dollars, 25 cents paid to Joseff Bader for carriage fees and supplies, to be repaid as soon as funds arrive from France. Signed Joseff Bader on April 29, 1844 in San Antonio. "Received from Mister Louis Huth, on behalf of Mr. H[enr]i Castro in Paris."
Date: April 29, 1844
Creator: Bader, Joseff
Item Type: Text

[Letter from Henri Castro to Ferdinand Louis Huth, November 26, 1844]

Description: Letter from H[enri] Castro to [Ferdinand] Louis [Huth] regarding a shipment of plows and a contract with Higginbotham, a copy of which is included, signed R. J. Higginbotham and dated November 22, 1844 in San Antonio. He also discusses various small matters related to the running of the colony.
Date: November 26, 1844
Creator: Castro, Henri
Item Type: Letter