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[Letter from S. Menger to Mr. Huth, January 4, 1856]

Description: Letter from S. Menger to Mr. Huth regarding a shipment of soap and asking about Castro's planned action against him to take half of his 640 acres. Dated January 4, 1856 from San Antonio. Sign S. Menger.
Date: January 4, 1856
Creator: Menger, S.
Item Type: Letter

[Letters from Ferdinand Louis Huth to Henri Castro and William Elliot, October, 1844]

Description: Letter from [Ferdinand Louis Huth] to [Henri] Castro. He first discusses the states of finances relating to Elliot and Callaghan and laments that he has not enough cash to purchase the necessary supplies but he states that he purchased two cows and a wagon. He also says that Mr. Solms and his wife have arrived and will be getting their fathers to come also. Also, letter to W. Elliot regarding two dollars' worth of bacon. Also, document regarding their lack of flour and asking someone to bring some next week. Pages 208 (verso), 209, and 210 (recto) of letter book.
Date: October 1844
Creator: Huth, Louis
Item Type: Letter