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[Letter from Illies & Co. to Ferdinand Louis Huth, October 13, 1849]

Description: Letter from Illies & Co. to [Ferdinand Louis] Huth sympathizing with Huth's hard times, giving his negative opinion of Castro, discussing the great sums of money Castro owes him and asking if Huth can prevent the colonists from cutting down pecan trees that need centuries to grow. Signed Illies & Co. on October 13, 1849 in New Orleans.
Date: October 13, 1849
Creator: Illies & Co.

[Letters from Ludwig and August Huth to Ferdinand Louis Huth, March 21, 1844 and April 12, 1844]

Description: Letter from [Ludwig] Huth to [Ferdinand] Louis [Huth] regarding Casette's refusal to marry. He also tells him that he is sending Philipp Schneider, a gardener, at his own expense and that he is to work Huth's land until his passage is repaid. Mr. Reigert is taking grape sprouts to Texas and hopes to make wine. At the end is a short letter from August [Huth] to [Ferdinand] Louis [Huth] regarding two boxes of wicker and that Maas has gotten married.
Date: 1844
Creator: Huth, Ludwig

[Letter from Ludwig Huth to Ferdinand Louis Huth, December 18, 1844]

Description: Letter from [Ludwig Huth] to [Ferdinand] Louis [Huth] expressing the sacrifice he had to make in order to get the expedition of 200 colonists off. His health suffered greatly because of the stress. He also discusses several individuals who took advantage of colonists by tricking them into paying them their passage money. Includes a list of items sent on the last boat: sickles, harness, string, wine vinegar, etc. Unsigned. Dated December 18, 1844 in Neufreystaedt.
Date: December 18, 1844
Creator: Huth, Ludwig

[Letter from Ludwig Huth to Ferdinand Louis Huth, February 28, 1845]

Description: Letter from [Ludwig Huth] to [Ferdinand] Louis [Huth] detailing which letters have been received, sent and answered. He goes on to discuss in detail a financial disagreement themselves and a friend of Castro's in Paris. He asks several questions regarding the land in Texas and discusses the unusually long, severe winter and how it has affected their colonization plans. A copy of a letter from someone in Altdorf stating that a widow had returned from Texas and was telling everyone how horrible it was and how her husband starved to death. As a result, few colonists were willing to come from her town. He also discusses Pfanner's plans and a financial disagreement with Isabelle.
Date: February 28, 1845
Creator: Huth, Ludwig

[Letter to Ferdinand Louis Huth, March 5, 1845]

Description: Letter possibly from [August Huth] to [Ferdinand] Louis [Huth] telling him about the long, cold winter and asking him to tell him what the colonists are planting and what kind of soil there is in Castroville. With an excerpt from an article published in the Journal of Frankfurt regarding German settlement in Texas.
Date: March 5, 1845