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[Beaumier Iron Works]
Photograph of the Beaumier Iron Works Building. It is a brick building with four windows along the front. There is a train to the left.
[Beaumier Iron Works]
Photograph of the back of the Beaumier Iron Works. The building is next to the railroad tracks, and there is a pile of rocks in front. There is a man bending over working in front of the building.
[Blinn Tennis Club]
Photograph of four young men identified as Blinn Tennis Club. Three of the men are sitting, and one man is standing. They are all holding tennis rackets.
[Boy in Open Field]
Photograph of a boy standing in an open field. He is standing far from the camera, and the grass is grown up to his shoulders. In the background, there are trees.
[Boy Presenting Scepter to Queen]
Portrait of a small boy presenting a scepter to the May Queen. The queen is seated wearing a flowered dress and long train.
[Brenham High School Boys Basketball]
Photograph of Brenham High School Boys Basketball Team. The young men are wearing matching sweaters with "B" emblems on the right sides. A man wearing a suit is posing in the back row.
[Brenham Waterworks]
Photograph of the Brenham Waterworks building. The building has several large trees around it. There are two men standing under the ivy that stretches across the front of the building. To the left are a horse and buggy with two men inside and pair of horses behind with another man holding the reins.
[Butterfly Display]
Photograph of nine butterflies displayed in a frame. Tillie Klaerner is associated with the display.
[C. Knipstein Company, Incorporated]
Photograph of a farming business identified as C. Knipstein Company, Incorporated. Several mules and wagons filled with cotton are in front of a metal building. The building has signs on the visible sides that say "C. Knipstein, Co. Inc." In the foreground, there is a dirt road with a car parked beside it.
[Car - Train Collision]
Photograph of a car-train collision. To the left, one car is parked on a set of train tracks; a man is sitting in it. To the right, there is a road running across a section of tracks. A group of men are sitting on the tracks to the right of the road.
[Catholic Convent]
Photograph of a Catholic convent. The convent is a two-story building with two crosses on top.
[Coronation Stage]
Photograph of the coronation stage for the Mai-Fest in 1930. The stage is decorated with sets and flowers and has a long catwalk coming out from the front. There are chairs in front. There is a piano to the right below the stage. The photograph is dated May 28, 1930.
[Crowd at Maifest]
Photograph of a crowd at Maifest. Several wooden tables with cups on them are set up. A group of six men are gathered around one table in the foreground. A large group of people are gathered behind a row of tables in the background.
[Crowd at Maifest]
Photograph of a crowd at Maifest. Men and women are gathered around a covered patio.
[A. D. Milroy Company]
Photograph taken inside the A. D. Milroy Co. building. There are three men standing toward the back of the building, and the tables around them are covered with cotton. There is a large skylight in the ceiling, and there are light bulbs hanging down. Written at the bottom center of the photograph is "A. D. Milroy Co. 1916."
[Dancing Group]
Photograph of two men and one woman wearing unidentified ethnic European costume. One man is sitting on a prop brick fence, and is playing a stringed instrument. The woman and second man are dancing. In the background, there is a painted backdrop.
[Decorated Car]
Photograph of a car decorated for the Maifest. The car is covered in streamers, and there are baskets of flowers on it. Riding inside the car are four children and a driver. Behind the car is another float that says "Astor." The photograph is dated May 18, 1928.
[Decorated Car]
Photograph of a decorated car for the Maifest. The car is covered in streamers, and there is large group of people inside. The photograph is dated May 17, 1928.
[Exterior View of F. Ruetz Residence]
Photograph of the F. Ruetz residence. The wooden house is one-story tall, with an awning on the left side. A man and woman are posing outside the house. Plants and trees surround the home.
[La Grange Float]
Photograph of the La Grange float in the Maifest parade in 1922. The float is a convertible car with flowers all over it and a sign that says "La Grange." A man and a woman are sitting in the car, and they are parked in front of some unknown houses. There is another car in the background.
[Group of Men on Farmland]
Photograph of a group of five men posing on a dirt road in farmland. One man is standing on a piece of farming equipment. One man is standing on the left side of it, and three men are standing on the right. Barbed-wire fences surround both sides of the road.
[Group of Turkeys]
Photograph of a large group of turkeys. A man is standing on top of crates in a wagon in the middle of the turkeys. In the background, there are several people under an awning of a building. A. A. Hacker is associated with this image.
[Group of Young Percussionists]
Photograph of a group of children in band uniforms. They are holding various percussion instruments. On the back row, three boys are wearing suits, and one girl is wearing a dress. The group is posing on stairs in front of a doorway.
[T. H. Quelle Residence]
Photograph of the T. H. Quelle residence. The wooden house is one-story tall with a porch on the left side. In the foreground, there are trees in the yard.
[Home Interior After a Fire]
Photograph taken inside a home after a fire. The old refrigerator is burnt on the outside, but the food inside appears to be fine. There are eggs, butter, meat, and bottled drinks inside.
[Hy Mueller Birthday]
Photograph of a group of children at Hy Mueller's birthday party. Four women are sitting in the back row. In the background, there is a picket fence and house.
[Interior View of Unidentified Building]
Photograph of an interior view of an unidentified building. There are two stories with the second floor open in the center, and a staircase in the back-center. Eight women and one girl are standing on the stairs facing the first floor. A crowd is gathered around the staircase on the first floor.
[Interior View of Unidentified Home]
Photograph of an interior view of an unidentified home. There is a couch with three pillows on it, with a table to the left. On the right, there is a fireplace with photographs on the mantle. In the foreground, there is a chair.
[Junior Royalty]
Portrait of the Junior Royalty of the Maifest. There are five children in costume. Two of them are dressed as the king and queen. The photograph is dated May 18, 1928.
[Lehrmann Store]
Photograph of the Lehrmann Store. The store is a brick building with a tin roof by the side of the road. There is a gas pump in front. Six people are pictured. Four are standing on the porch, one by the car on the left, and one sitting in the car on the right.
[Mai-Fest Airplane Float]
Photograph of a float made to look like an airplane. There are four people sitting in the float, and they are parked on the street in front of a house. Written under the float is "Mai-Fest 1925."
[Mai-Fest Car]
Picture of a decorated car in the Mai-Fest Parade. The car is covered in flowers and decorations. Even the wheels are decorated. There are at least four people inside the car, including a young boy wearing a costume. The car is at a corner in front of unidentified businesses, and there are spectators in the background. Written at the bottom right corner is "Mai-Fest 1926."
[Maifest Junior Royalty]
Portrait of the Maifest Junior Royalty. There are five children posing in costume. Two of them are dressed as the king and queen. They are posing outside in front of a tree.
[Maifest Parade Float]
Photograph of an unidentified ceremony at Maifest. Several men and women are lined up on a stage wearing formal attire; the women are holding bouquets. On a lower row, children are wearing metallic costumes and wings. Towards the center of the stage, a man and woman are sitting on a shell-shaped bench. The woman is wearing a crown and cape. Text at the bottom-right of the image says "May 18, 1933" and "1."
[Maifest Parade Float]
Photograph of a Maifest parade float. Several children are posing on the back. The front is decorated with a swan sculpture. The sides are decorated with vines. Text at the bottom-right of the image says "May 30, 1931" and "26."
[Maifest Stage]
Photograph of the stage for the Maifest play or pageant. There are four children on the stage in costume. Two of them are dressed as a king and a queen. There are flowers all over the stage. Written at the bottom of the photograph is "May 18, 1928."
[Man Posing by Railroad Tracks]
Photograph of an unidentified man posing beside a set of railroad tracks. He is standing with one foot resting on a railroad tie.
[Man with Old Corn Stills]
Photograph of a man posing beside a group of old corn stills. The larger stills are positioned in the back, and the smaller stills are in the front.
[Man With Two Horses]
Photograph of a man leading two horses in front of a parade float. There are two little boys in costume riding, and the horses have flower wreaths around their necks. The float behind has a large butterfly on the front.
[May Queen]
Portrait of a May Queen. She is posing in a dress with a long train and a crown, and she is holding a scepter.
[Old Fourth Saint Church]
Photograph of a wooden building identified as Old Fourth Saint Church and German M. E. Church. The church is one-story tall and has a steeple at the front. In the background, there are other buildings.
[Portrait of an Unidentified Group of Children]
Portrait of a group of unidentified children. The children are posing in front of an unidentified building. They are in costume for the Mai-Fest. The photograph is dated May 10, 1929.
[Portrait of an Unidentified Man and Car]
Portrait of an unknown man standing next to a Lincoln car. There is a large house in the background, identified as the Citadel, the original country club for Brenham.
[Portrait of Buck Perkins and Children]
Photograph of a man and two children; the man is identified as Buck Perkins. He is sitting in a chair and holding a small child on the left chair arm. A boy is standing to the right of the chair.
[Portrait of Callahan]
Photograph of a man identified as Callahan. He is wearing a suit, and holding a cigar in his left hand.
[Portrait of Carl Dornberger]
Photograph of a boy identified as Carl Dornberger. He is wearing a hat, and posing on a tricycle.
[Portrait of Child]
Photograph of a child. He is standing in front of a bench, and is wearing a jumpsuit. The child is associated with the name, Mrs. Boeker.
[Portrait of Clint Anderson]
Portrait of Clint Anderson who was Jr. King in the Maifest in 1930. Clint is wearing a king's costume with a crown and scepter.
[Portrait of Dog]
Photograph of a dog. He is laying down with his head up. Howard Wood is associated with the dog.
[Portrait of F. A. Krause]
Photograph of a baby identified as F. A. Krause. He is laying on his stomach and smiling.