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[Ceremony at Maifest]
Photograph of an unidentified ceremony at Maifest. Several men and women are lined against a backdrop on a stage. The men are wearing suits, and the women are wearing formal gowns and holding bouquets. A man and a woman wearing a cape are standing closer to the front of the stage. Text at the bottom of the image says "20-B" and "May 18, 1932."
[Junior King and Queen with Attendants]
Photograph of the junior king and queen at Maifest. A boy and girl dressed in formal attire are sitting under a heart-shaped arch. Two boys dressed as soldiers are standing on each side of the arch. Several children are sitting on steps in front of it. Text at the bottom-right of the image says "May 19, 1932."
[Maifest Parade Float]
Photograph of a Maifest parade float. Several people are sitting on top; a woman wearing a crown, a boy, and a man are sitting in a covered area toward the back. The float is decorated with leaves. Text at the bottom of the image says "May 18, 1932" and "14."
[Men Posing After a Hunt]
Photograph of six men posing with guns after a hunt; one man is identified as P. J. Lemm. Four men are sitting on the front bumpers of two cars, and two men are standing in between the cars. Dead deer are strapped to the hoods of the cars.
[Abstract of Original Titles of Zavala's colony with names of grantees, dates ot title, and quantity during the years 1834-1835. September 1, 1932]
A true and correct copy of pages 137 to 151 inclusive taken from "An Abstract of the Original Titles of Record in the General Land office in Austin, Texas: September 1, 1932.
[Photostatic copy of the original Index to Unfinished Business in Zavala's Colony, September 1, 1932]
Photostatic copy of the original Index to Unfinished Business in Zavala's Colony found in the Spanish archives of the General Land Office. Austin, TX, September 1, 1932.