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[Portrait of Man, Woman, and Child]

Description: Photograph of a woman, man, and child; one person is identified as E. T. Rounden. The woman is wearing a bonnet, and is standing to the left of the child and man. The man is wearing a hat, and is sitting in a chair; the child is posing on the left arm of the chair.
Date: 1913
Creator: Winkelmann's Studio

[Old Homestead Coffee Can]

Description: Photograph of a metal coffee can. There is an illustration of a brick house on the front of the can. Text surrounding the illustration says "Old Homestead Roasted Coffee," and "Roasted & Packed By Wangemann-Reichardt Company[,] Brenham, Texas."
Date: July 1913
Creator: Winkelmann's Studio

[Portrait of Two Men]

Description: Photograph of two men; one identified as Newton Humphries. Both men are wearing military uniforms, and have guns in holsters. The man on the right has his hand on the other man's right shoulder.
Date: 1917
Creator: Winkelmann's Studio

[Portraits of Children]

Description: Photograph of two images of the Winters children. In the first image, two children are posing. Both are wearing jumpsuits. In the second image, three children are posing. They are all wearing overalls.
Date: 1916
Creator: Winkelmann's Studio