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[Group of Men on Farmland]

Description: Photograph of a group of five men posing on a dirt road in farmland. One man is standing on a piece of farming equipment. One man is standing on the left side of it, and three men are standing on the right. Barbed-wire fences surround both sides of the road.
Date: July 1925
Creator: Winkelmann's Studio

[Brenham Lumber Company Float]

Description: Photograph of a parade float for the Mai-Fest. The float is a small oil derrick on a trailer. There are five men on the float and one in the car pulling it. The banner at the bottom of the float says "Oil $1.50 Per. Barrel at Wells 50 Barrels Daily - Lamarque Co. Brenham Lumber Co. for Oil Derrick Lumber." Written below the float is "Mai-Fest 1925." The float is parked in front of an unknown building. The only part of the name on the building that is seen says "Reichardt &."
Date: May 1925
Creator: Winkelmann's Studio