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[Transcript of petition from Philip S. Whitesid, March 4, 1843]

Description: Copy of transcript for a petition from Philip S. Whiteside filed by his attorney, J.W. Norris, to the Judge of the Third Judicial District of the Republic of Texas, in which Whiteside asks for a judgement on D. B. Madden who has refused to pay his debt to Whiteside.
Date: March 4, 1843

[Document for Ferdinand Louis Huth from Henri Castro, October 27, 1843]

Description: Document for [Ferdinand] Louis Huth making him Director of the expedition of the colonists aboard the Jean Key. Castro tells him whom to trust, that he should do business in cash or barter only and that if needs an aide, he should ask Mr. Bourgeois. Castro tells him that he should invest in moss and cattle. He also includes, on page 3, a dispatch to Anson Jones, Secretary of State. Signed by Hi. Castro on October 27, 1843 in Antwerp.
Date: October 27, 1843
Creator: Castro, Henri

[Document concerning Slasi Albrecht's travel to Texas, October 9 and October 26, 1843]

Description: Document describing how Slasi Albrecht will have to pawn his goods for the 45 francs given him as an advance to help pay his expense for travel to Texas. Signed Slasi Albrecht in Neufreystaedt on October 9, 1843. Receipt of francs acknowledge below and signed by Albrecht in Antwerp on October 26, 1843.
Date: 1843-10-09/1843-10-26
Creator: Albrecht, Slasi