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[Letter from A. to Ferdinand Louis Huth, March 12]

Description: Letter from A. to [Ferdinand] L[ouis] Huth regarding 77 emigrants departing on the Heinrich, a lack of finances and that everyone is impatient to see him. Signed A[...ricell] on March 12 in Galveston.
Date: ????-03-12

[Letter from Ferdinand Louis Huth to Amelia Castro]

Description: Letter from [Ferdinand] Louis Huth to Amelia Castro letting her know that he is sending provisions, though it goes against his principle to do so on credit. Signed Louis Huth.
Date: unknown
Creator: Huth, Louis

[Letter from Ferdinand Louis Huth to Mr. Macquinay]

Description: Letter from [Ferdinand Louis Huth] to Mr. Macquinay expressing his hope that Mazquinay is well and has arrived in Galveston. He goes on to discuss the new batch of colonists and what expenditures they will require until they are self-sufficient. Page 232, verso, of letter book.
Date: unknown
Creator: Huth, Louis

[Letter from Ludwig Huth to Ferdinand Louis Huth, October 10]

Description: Letter from [Ludwig] Huth to Ferd[inand] Louis Huth asking him to repay John Riettermann the money he paid for his child's passage, since the child was only two years old. Signed by Huth on October 10, 184[-] in Neufreystaedt.
Date: 184?-10-10
Creator: Huth, Ludwig

[Long open letter to the people of Castroville]

Description: Long open letter to the people of Castroville explaining all the alleged transgressions of Huth. This document appears to be a rebuttal to a document by Huth.
Date: unknown
Creator: Castro, Henri

[Note from Charles de Montel to Louis Huth]

Description: Note from Charles de Montel asking [Louis] Huth to send something for a health problem and if he has none, to please send his boy to Dr. Weiselberg.
Date: unknown
Creator: de Montel, Charles