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[Address of Mrs. R. Holdsworth]
Address of Mrs. R. Holdsworth: 1145 Broadway.
[Advertisement for milk crackers]
Advertisement for milk crackers from Dozier, Weyl & Co. in St. Louis. Page has a color drawing of a cow.
Clipping containing small items of news including the following: 100 women from France are going to Mexico for silk growing, a French merchant locked up a thief with a vicious dog who killed him, and Ben Thompson has no shortage of refreshments and melons but welcomes visitors in jail. Reverse is a fragment of a clipping regarding trains.
[Be Careful What You Say.]
Clipping with a poem advising against speaking ill of others. Fragment of a drawing and article on the reverse side.
[Beaumier Iron Works]
Photograph of the back of the Beaumier Iron Works. The building is next to the railroad tracks, and there is a pile of rocks in front. There is a man bending over working in front of the building.
[Bill for Mrs. Schneider]
Bill for Mrs. Schneider for flour, potatoes and biscuits, also listing other expenses for her, including transportation. Signed L. Huth.
[Bill for wickerwork wares and hats]
Bill for wickerwork wares and hats lined with fur.
[Biography of Lorenzo de Zavala taken from book by Francisco Sosa titled: Biografias de Mexicanos Distinguidos]
Biography of Zavala taken from Biografias de Mexicanos Distinquidos by Francisco Sosa.
[Blank page]
Blank except for a few figures in ink.
[Blätter aus dem Buche der Weisheit]
Clipping with sayings about life. On reverse is a partial illustration of a scene in Valparaiso with a description and a guide for foreigners who visit the Andes.
[Booklet about medicine and pharmaceuticals]
Excerpt from a booklet about medical and pharmaceutical matters, including lists of pharmaceutical terminology and how to write prescriptions.
[Booklet of Verse]
Booklet of verse containing poems in French and German. Titles include: "Manners, a poem", "The Little Man Who's Piss'd", "I am a woman by nature", "Weep with me oh you nightly still rhymes" (signed by R.L.), "A heart that is suffering torment", "Love note", "Having once young man chosen the friends of your beloved", "What are you missing, oh my heart", and a poem from an unknown woman addressed to Wilhelm.
[Boy in Open Field]
Photograph of a boy standing in an open field. He is standing far from the camera, and the grass is grown up to his shoulders. In the background, there are trees.
[Boy Presenting Scepter to Queen]
Portrait of a small boy presenting a scepter to the May Queen. The queen is seated wearing a flowered dress and long train.
[Brenham Compress, Oil, and Manufacturing Company]
Photograph of the Brenham Compress, Oil, and Manufacturing Co. building. The building has a large sign on top and a smoke stack. There are railroad tracks in front, and a man is walking down the tracks.
[C. Knipstein Company, Incorporated]
Photograph of a farming business identified as C. Knipstein Company, Incorporated. Several mules and wagons filled with cotton are in front of a metal building. The building has signs on the visible sides that say "C. Knipstein, Co. Inc." In the foreground, there is a dirt road with a car parked beside it.
[A Candle to Burn All Night]
Clipping containing small factoids, jokes, and anecdotes, including how to make a candle burn longer.
[Car - Train Collision]
Photograph of a car-train collision. To the left, one car is parked on a set of train tracks; a man is sitting in it. To the right, there is a road running across a section of tracks. A group of men are sitting on the tracks to the right of the road.
[Certain Cure for Corns]
Receipt (prescription) for a cure for corns by Mrs. M. W. Graves.
[Citronen als Diätetisches Heilmittel]
Clipping detailing the medicinal use of lemons as previously published in The Lancet. Includes recipes for lemonade and similar substances. Advertisements on reverse.
[Clipping in German with a poem about beer and account of a hunting trip]
Clipping with a poem about drinking beer. Reverse side is an account of a hunting trip.
[Clipping regarding Adolphus and Angelina's engagement]
Clipping regarding Adolphus and Angelina's engagement.
[Cover sheet for Castro's Correspondence]
Cover sheet for Castro's Correspondence regarding the court cases Huth vs. Castro and Huth vs. Castro in Bexar District Court.
[Curing Cancer with Red-Clover Tea]
Clipping regarding the use of red-clover tea to cure cancer. Advertisements on the reverse side for Wm. W. Gamble, Bookseller and Stationer, and Gamble's News Depot, San Antonio, Texas.
[Dancing Group]
Photograph of two men and one woman wearing unidentified ethnic European costume. One man is sitting on a prop brick fence, and is playing a stringed instrument. The woman and second man are dancing. In the background, there is a painted backdrop.
[Deed of Trust]
Handwritten form entitled Deed of Trust. Blanks not filled in.
Document written in unknown language.
[Document authorizing Louis Huth to act as need for the benefit of the colonists of Castroville]
Document authorizing [Louis Huth] to act as need for the benefit of the colonists of [Castroville].
[Document concerning interest on a life insurance policy]
Document explaining how Emil must go about receiving his interest in a life insurance policy.
[Document containing a list of items]
Document containing a list of items, including a table, chairs, plates, cups, etc., with some of the items checked off.
[Document containing medical advice]
Document containing medical advice about rhubarb, quinine, vinegar and saltpeter and for washing detergent and avoiding cholera. Also states what to do to cause vomiting.
[Document containing notes about debts and credits]
Document containing notes about debts and credits and items out on loan titled "Folder H notes".
[Document detailing actions of Mr. Castro]
Document detailing actions of Mr. Castro and quoting letters from him regarding his instructions for Huth.
[Document detailing several financial transactions]
Document detailing several financial transactions, including passage from Port la Vacca to Galveston, a horse for the guide and other expenses.
[Document giving Ferdinand Louis Huth instructions regarding the running of the colony]
Document giving [Ferdinand Louis Huth] instructions regarding the running of the colony while Huth is absent. He covers the building of his house, distribution of borrowed oxen and land, contracts and supplies for Mr. Bourgeois. Unsigned, undated.
[Document granting Auguste Huth power of attorney for Charles Emile Huth]
Document stating that Auguste Huth is granted power of attorney for Charles Emile Huth in order that he may withdraw all dividends from the company "le Phenix" in Charles Huth's name. Francois Guilbeau acting as notary public. Signatures and dates left blank.
[Document listing amounts paid to colonists for the account of Mr. Castro]
Document listing amounts paid to colonists for a total of f.930.60/$186.12.
[Document listing expenses related to settlement of Castroville, including fees for freight and duties]
Document listing expenses related to settlement of Castroville, including fees for freight and duties.
[Document listing money paid to colonists]
Document listing money paid to colonists for a total of 1629.93 francs. Reverse side is a continuing list of money paid to colonists for a total of 1993.88 francs.
[Document listing money paid to colonists paid on behalf of Mr. Castro]
Document listing money paid to colonists for a total of f.181.15/$122.08.
[Document listing passengers traveling aboard the Patriot]
Document listing passengers traveling aboard the Patriot, with names and size of party.
[Document listing payments received from colonists toward their passage from Galveston to Port Lavaca]
Document listing payments received from colonists toward their passage from Galveston to P. Lavacca, totaling f.391.--/$78.20.
[Document listing payments totaling $84.44 made to colonists paid on behalf of Mr. Castro]
Document listing payments made to colonists, totaling $84.44.
[Document listing provisions]
Document listing provisions, including ham, barley, rice, salt and more, with prices.
[Document listing several financial transactions]
Document listing several financial transactions, including fees for passage, rent, and horseshoes.
[Document putting forth resolutions]
Document putting forth the desire to support no man for office who is not uncompromisingly opposed to the Know Nothing Party. Includes the resolutions that E. M. Peale is their choice for Governor, P. H. Bell for Congress, S. A. Maverick for Senator, and W. H. Cleveland for "floating representatives."
[Document stating details about Texas and Castroville]
Document stating details about Texas, Castroville, farming, livestock, domestic help, the landscape and economic future of Texas. Signed [A.] C.
[Envelope addressed to L. Huth & Son in San Antonio advertising Clarke & Courts, Stationers, Printers, Lithographers, and Blank Book Manufacturers]
Envelope [or postcard] addressed to L. Huth & Son in San Antonio. Pre-printed with a color image of the Texas flag and text advertising Clarke & Courts, Stationers, Printers, Lithographers, and Blank Book Manufacturers. Postmarked from Galveston on August 1[3].
[Envelope addressed to Mr. Louis Huth, July 6]
Envelope addressed to Mr. Louis Huth in San Antonio. Postmarked from Castroville on July 6.
[Envelope of letter from Govenor of Veracruz to Zavala]
The envelope of a letter cover sent from Governor of Veracruz, Mexico. Xalapa.