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[Lehrmann Store]

Description: Photograph of the Lehrmann Store. The store is a brick building with a tin roof by the side of the road. There is a gas pump in front. Six people are pictured. Four are standing on the porch, one by the car on the left, and one sitting in the car on the right.
Date: August 12, 1924
Creator: Winkelmann's Studio

[Maifest Parade Float]

Description: Photograph of a Maifest parade float. A woman and man are sitting on the back of the float; the woman is wearing a crown and holding a scepter with stars on the top. A woman and man are also sitting at the front; the woman is wearing a crown with a star on it, and a star-shaped scepter. The float is decorated with stars. Text at the bottom-left of the photograph says "May 12, 1938" and "11."
Date: May 12, 1938
Creator: Winkelmann's Studio