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[Clipping from Courrier D'Alsace, Cinquiéme année, No. 118]

Description: Clipping from a newsletter dated October 1, 1846 that includes a letter from Huth & Co stating that Texas has good soil, the climate is healthy and all are thriving and states that Pfanner must have been motivated by something other than truth to say such bad things about Texas in his previously published letter. The writer goes on to explain the process of distributing land and refrains from explaining why Pfanner's last letter was written from Mexico and not Texas. Sign by Huth & Co. on September 24, 1846 in Neufreystaedt. Letters and articles are translated into German.
Date: October 1, 1846

Courrier D'Alsace. Cinquiéme année, No. 103, August 27, 1846

Description: Newsletter dated August 27, 1846 with a letter from Vicar Pfanner. The newsletter has requested the truth about the settlement in Texas. He states that it is a beautiful country, but hot and dry and while some crops do well, people fare poorly because of fevers. He claims that the population of Texas is drawn from the dregs of humanity. He recommends that people not consider settling in Texas. The letter and other articles are translated into German.
Date: August 27, 1846

Courrier D'Alsace. Cinquiéme année, No. 105, September 4, 1846

Description: Newsletter dated September 1, 1846 with a letter from Vicar Pfanner published on September 1, 1846. The newspaper has requested the truth about the settlement in Texas. Pfanner discusses how he had to leave his own people for Mexico, which is where he is writing from since he claims letters sent from Texas get destroyed if they aren't positive. Pfanner's opinion is that Texas only offers opportunities for already well-to-do settlers. Note from the publisher at end describes their obligation to publish a note refuting the content of Pfanner's letter. The letter and other articles are translated into German.
Date: September 1, 1846

Courrier du Haut-Rhin. 4ne Année, No. 65, August 7, 1845

Description: Newsletter dated August 7, 1845 discussing the political implications of Texas joining the United States. Articles are presented in both French and German. Also included is a letter signed by Henri Castro regarding unsigned and blank contracts, dated July 31, 1845 in Neufreystaedt, and a time table for travel from the Grand Duchy of Baden.
Date: August 7, 1845

[Document concerning Slasi Albrecht's travel to Texas, October 9 and October 26, 1843]

Description: Document describing how Slasi Albrecht will have to pawn his goods for the 45 francs given him as an advance to help pay his expense for travel to Texas. Signed Slasi Albrecht in Neufreystaedt on October 9, 1843. Receipt of francs acknowledge below and signed by Albrecht in Antwerp on October 26, 1843.
Date: 1843-10-09/1843-10-26
Creator: Albrecht, Slasi

[Document regarding the founding of Castroville]

Description: Document regarding the founding of Castroville on the banks of the Medina in the province of San Antonio de Bexar. Gives potential emigrants information about price of passage, cost of farm animals in Texas, and lists items emigrating families should bring with them, including kitchen utensils, farming implements, seeds and other items.
Date: 1845

Land - Verkauf in Nord-Amerika

Description: Document regarding the sale of lands in the Medina District. Discusses location and price of lands, as well as the procedure for procuring property. It mentions the price of livestock. Also discussed are possible reasons why the land was not settled earlier, if it's as desirable as they say it is. Signed by J. E. Rump on September 1, 1848 in Bremen. Includes a section informing people to apply to Huth & Co. if they want to acquire already surveyed lands under favorable conditions.
Date: September 1, 1848
Creator: Rump, J. E.

[Letter from August Huth to Ferdinand Louis Huth, April 14, 1845]

Description: Letter from August [Huth] to [Ferdinand] Louis [Huth] informing him of the birth of his son. He gives his opinion that the annexation of Texas might make operations easier on their end. He asks him to write and reminds him in a postscript written later that if he is to write on the subject of Althenheim or Marie to please use another sheet of paper so as not to offend his Mary.
Date: April 14, 1845
Creator: Huth, August

[Letter from Ferdinand Louis Huth to Henri Castro, January, 1844]

Description: Letter from [Ferdinand Louis Huth] to H[enri] Castro regarding difficulties with some laborers. The election resulted in five men being chosen as Colonel, Lt. Colonel, Captain and 1st and 2nd Lieutenants. He also shares that an axle was broken on a cart and it has not rained. Pages 210, verso, and 211, recto, of letter book. Page 211, verso, of letter book contains various small segments of letters and notes.
Date: 1844-01/1845-01
Creator: Huth, Louis