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[Transcript of army orders made by Sam Houston, March 2, 1836]

Description: Copy of transcript for army orders made by Sam Houston stating that independence has been declared and that citizens must march to the aid of the army fighting at Béxar. Also, Houston reports that it is rumored that the Mexican army may be moving to Gonzales.
Date: March 2, 1836
Item Type: Text

[Transcript of Letter, November 18, 1835]

Description: Copy of transcript for a letter, on November 18, 1835, proclaiming that Texas will not surrender, but that they will accept the Mexican government as their own. Mexico also admits that they were harsh in their subjugation of Texas colonists, and agrees not to send more troops to Texas.
Date: November 18, 1835
Item Type: Letter

[Transcript of Resolutions of Nacogdoches, 1835]

Description: Copy of transcript for Resolutions of Nacogdoches, in which citizens of the jurisdictions of Gonzales, Mina, Austin, Matagorda, and Columbia have recommended that a convention of Texas be called to discuss the changing political climate in Mexico and Mexico's relationship to the citizens of Texas.
Date: 1835
Item Type: Letter