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[1st and 2nd Grades, Turney School]
Copy negative of the 1st, 2nd, and possibly 3rd grades of Turney School in 1936. In the back, teacher Christine Hensley stands. In the front row, left to right: Jackie Ray Henderson, Burton Fling, unidentified boy, Roger Lee Northern, Kenneth Neal Meador, Joe Francis, and James Lewis Meador. In the middle row: Maxine Brody, Opal Hopwood, Norma Sue Smith, Nettie Merle Smith, Shirley Meador, Toy Curry, Patsy Ruth Thompson, Connie Moses, two unidentified girls, and Jean Bolton. In the back row: J. W. Delaney, Curtis Francis, Homer Wright, C. L. Wheeler, Dillard Hurley, an unidentified boy (last name McNaughton), two more unidentified boys, and Fannie Lou Meador.
[7th and 8th Grade Class, Gallatin]
Copy negative of the 1921-1922 7th and 8th grade of Gallatin school. Those in the back row stand, while those in the front row sit on a bench.
[Aerial View of Downtown Rusk]
Copy negative of an aerial view of downtown Rusk. The courthouse is in the middle of the photo. A monument to Confederate veterans is at the left of the square, while the Claiborne Hotel is on the north side. Buildings at the northeast of the square were built for county and district clerks.
[Alan L. Bean, Astronaut]
Copy negative of astronaut Alan L. Bean presenting a photo of Apollo 12 on the Moon on the occasion of Jacksonville's Centennial Celebration in 1972. Standing, left to right, are Theron Ragsdale, Alan L. Bean, Mrs. Alan L. Bean (Sue Ragsdale), Mrs. Frank W. Ebaugh, and Mr. and Mrs. E. B. "Ned" Ragsdale.
[Amphitheater at Love's Lookout Park]
Copy negative of stone seats at the amphitheater at Love's Lookout Park in Jacksonville. Trees and shrub are visible in the background.
[Around the Piano]
Copy negative of six women and one man posing around a grand piano. There are curtains on the windows and a picture behind the piano.
[At Cherokee County Courthouse]
Copy negative of Mr. Guinn (first row, second from the left), Mr. Hanna, D. c. Stockton, Mae Gibson (sixth from the left), Irene Price, E. B. Lewis (second from right), J. W. Chandler, Melvin Sessions (second row, third from the left), Webb Finley, Henry Guenzel (eighth from the left), Mr. Mussel, and Metz Heald standing outside the Cherokee County Courthouse.
[At the Sawmill]
Copy negative of a scene at a sawmill. Men stand in front of an uncompleted shed with many animals. Most of the men are unidentified, but one of them is Arthur Ford.
[Automobile Display]
Copy negative of an automobile display in Jacksonville's early days. Owners of the automobiles stand next to their vehicles, which are lined up across W. Commerce St. Franklins, Buicks, Hudsons, Model T Fords, and Cadillacs are visible among the cars. Some have right-hand drive, a common feature in the early days of American automobile manufacturing.
[Awaiting the Train]
Copy negative of citizens of Jacksonville awaiting the arrival of President William Howard Taft by train at the I. & G. N. railroad station. The mayor, M. L. "Bud" Earle, stands second from the right. With him are Civil War veterans, many of whom wear ribbon badges.
[The Bargain Store]
Copy negative of The Bargain Store in Rusk. Three men stand behind the display case. In the center is Marvin Troublefield, an employee, and one of the others is W. J. Deckard, the owner. The identity of the other man is unknown. Merchandise is displayed on shelves behind the counter.
[Bertha Wallace and Granddaughter]
Copy negative of Bertha Wallace, in a white dress and heels, holding her granddaughter Gloria Guinn, at the Jones Chapel in 1934.
[Bicycle for Two]
Copy negative of Mr. and Mrs. Graham McCarroll on their "Bicycle Built for Two" act in the Tomato Festival pageant. Mrs. McCarroll (nee Beryl Bolton) sits in front of her husband.
[Bill from Store]
Copy negative of a bill from David Dreeben's store in Rusk.
[Board of Aldermen, 1885]
Copy negative of the Jacksonville Board of Aldermen from 1885. Underneath the portrait is a list of the aldermen. Clockwise, they are H. L. Morris, George Tilley, John Allen Templeton, John H. Bolton, J. L. Douglas, and William Henry Sory. Mayor R. H. Small is pictured in the center.
[Bowling Family]
Copy negative of the Bowling family in Gallatin. William Sanders Bowling and his mother, Mary Jane Hoover Bowling, are seated. Lula Clifton Bowling, the wife of William Sanders Bowling, is standing behind her husband and mother-in-law.
[Bowling Family]
Copy negative of the Bowling family in Gallatin. William Sanders Bowling and his mother, Mary Jane Hoover Bowling, are seated. Lula Clifton Bowling, the wife of William Sanders Bowling, is standing behind her husband and mother-in-law.
[Bowling Family]
Copy negative of the Bowling family in Sacul standing in the middle of the road. One man is standing on a barrel to the left, and a wheelbarrow has been left in the road. Second to the left in a black bonnet is Mary Jane Hoover Bowling, and third from the left in front of her is Lula Clifton Bowling.
[Brass Band on Wagon]
Copy negative of a brass band on a wagon in Rusk.
[Brass Band on Wagon]
Copy negative of a brass band on a wagon in Rusk.
[Brick Plant]
Copy negative of a brick plant of New Birmingham. A tramway is visible, leading from the pit to the plant. This was used by cars to carry clay to the plant. Mules line up at the tramway. A brick drying shed is in the upper left of the photo.
[Brick Plant at New Birmingham]
Copy negative of a brick production plant of New Birmingham. There are bricks on the floor, and hand-pushed cars on the left line up to take bricks to the kiln.
[Brick Plant at New Birmingham]
Copy negative of a brick plant of New Birmingham. Kilns for curing bricks were produced inside the plant.
[Burchfield Children]
Copy negative of Anita Burchfield, standing, and Durel Burchfield, sitting, on a dirt road. Both children are looking down at the tire tracks on the road. A house is in the left background, and a car is in the right background.
[Business District]
Copy negative of a street scene in Jacksonville's business district. Stores on the right side of the street are, from front to back, Ragsdale Brothers General Mdse., John H. Bolton Drug Store, J. L. Brown Department Store, Brown & Dixon Dry Goods, Gragard Bros. & Co. Hardware, and First State Bank. The large building on the far right is a cotton mill, and the Cotton Belt Railroad station is opposite it.
[Business District, Jacksonville]
Copy negative of a street in the business district of Jacksonville. To the left, people sit on a wagon bed, and stand in the streets. There is a building in the background.
[Cader Benjamin Powell, 1902]
Copy negative of a portrait of Cader Benjamin Powell taken in 1902. He wears a suit and bow tie, and holds his hat in his left hand. In his other hand he holds an umbrella.
[Cader Benjamin Powell, Sr.]
Copy negative of a portrait of Cader Benjamin Powell, Sr. sitting in a lawn chair in a garden.
[Caleb Eldridge Dickinson]
Copy negative of a portrait of Caleb Eldridge Dickinson.
[Candidates for Queen]
Copy negative of three women, all candidates for queen of the National Tomato Festival, outside the Tomato Leaf Disease Laboratory in Jacksonville. Frances Stevens is on the right; Kathryn Turner, queen in 1940, stands in the middle; and Fannie Byrd Bolton stands to the right.
[Canning Kitchen]
Copy negative of the Petty family summer canning kitchen. There is a canner in the background, and apples to be canned in the front. Canned fruit is on the table beside the children. None of the people in the photograph have been identified.
[Casket of WWI Soldier]
Copy negative of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. "Bill" Tipton at their home, with the flag-covered casket of their son, Roger, who was killed in World War I. Flowers have been placed on the floor next to the casket, and a piano and stool stand against the left wall.
[Cattle Team]
Copy negative of a man driving a team of cattle.
[Celebrities at Golden Anniversary]
Copy negative of Jacksonville celebrities standing in front of an official automobile, decked out in American flags, which would lead the Golden Anniversary parade. John C. Box, district Congressman; Charles C. Bando; M. L. "Bud" Earle, former mayor; Tol Smith; and T. E. Acker, then mayor, stand next to the car. Many of these men helped to plan the event.
[Central Baptist Church]
Copy negative of the Central Baptist Church building, a pentagon with a tall steeple, from a post card.
[Central Baptist Church]
Copy negative of the Central Baptist Church building in Jacksonville.
[Central Baptist Church, 1909]
Copy negative of the Central Baptist Church building in Jacksonville in 1909. It is a wooden one story building with a steeple. The house in the background is the pastor's home.
[Check Signed by Jim Hogg]
Copy negative of a check signed by Jim Hogg, for $40.00 to J. H. Jackson, on February 3, 1899.
Cherokee County History
This volume discusses the history of Cherokee County including its communities, geography, and major events. The statement on the dedication page says: "This book is the story of Cherokee County from its earliest days through its founding and development and the achievements of its people to the present -- its rich heritage from its founders, its lasting contributions to the Republic of Texas, the State of Texas, the Confederate States of America, and the United States of America. This book highlights Cherokee County's place in time" (p. iv). Index starts on page 707.
[Chessher Hotel]
Copy negative of Mrs. Melvina Chessher standing in front of the Chessher Hotel, the first in Jacksonville. She used the hotel to support herself after her husband was killed in the Civil War.
[Children Carrying Books]
Copy negative of a group of children in two rows. They all hold books in their arms. A car wheel is visible behind the boy standing on the far right.
[Children Outside Building]
Copy negative of a group of children standing in rows outside a wooden building.
[Civilian Conservation Corps]
Copy negative of the Civilian Conservation Corps of Jacksonville on a farm they used as a camp. None of the men have been identified.
[Class of School Children]
Copy negative of a class of children standing in front of a wooden school building.
[Collins Family]
Copy negative of the Collins family standing on the side of the road in Bulah. They are, from left to right: Hez Collins, Bud Collins, Sis Connell, Liz Jones, Henry Jones, and Charlie Collins.
[Coronation of Jerry Peacock]
Copy negative of the coronation of Jerry Peacock being crowned queen of the Jacksonville National Tomato Festival by Lieutenant Governor Walter Woodul. Women and men in fancy dress watch as Woodul places the crown on Peacock's head. Woodul looks at the camera, while Peacock looks straight ahead. The child second from the right is Betty Jane Acker, and the girl to her right is Frances Carolyn Wood. None of the other attendees have been identified.
[Cotton Gin]
Copy negative of a cabin housing a cotton gin. Several men stand in the door, including Charles Wesley Meazle and H. Hancock. There is a dog in the foreground.
[Cove Springs Baptist Church]
Copy negative of the octagonal Cove Springs Baptist Church building, which had four entrances.
[Cove Springs Public School Students]
Copy negative of the Cove Springs School class of 1926. First row, kneeling: an unidentified student, Delvin Foster, Clarence Douglas, Oscar Holcomb, Bertrum Hood, Jessie Durrett, Leo Creel, Grady Durrett, Norvell Creel, Royal Teal, W. T. Foster, Knowles Jones, Oscar Payne, Robert "Tud" Mullins, Billy Jackson, Bruce McLendon, Guy Teasdale, and Robert Lee Isaacks. Second row: Aline Douglas, Emma Frances Mullins, Nellie Moseley, Wynona Broadway, Lucille Creel, Billie Fisher, Helen McLendon, Ila Mae Mullins, Inez Greer, Merle Reagan, Joyce Bridges, Burnese Jones, Ruby Holcomb, Carrie McAnally, Ivory Dunn, Margaret Lindner, Elsie Hood, Thelma Moseley, Aline McNew, Lillie McLendon, Marguerite Jones, Jimmie McNew, Louise Payne, Virdie Douglas, and Delores Jones. Third row: teacher Lizzie Thompson, Cleo Holcomb, Elva Greer, Dewey Hood, Alvarine Durrett, Fred Collie, Elizabeth Lindner, Floyd Isaacks, Claudine Teasdale, teacher Lula Bridges, Henry Lindner, Catherine Payne, J. D. Isaacks, Louise Collie, J. C. Bridges, Glen Teal, Hazel Hood, Jim Isaacks, Principal Horace Clifton, and Ora Holcomb.
[Cove Springs School]
Copy negative of the Cove Springs School class of 1927. First row, seated: Jessie Durrett, Bertrum Hood, - Creel, Frank Priestly, Oscar Holcomb, Clarence Douglas, Robert "Tud" Mullins, Bruce McLendon, Leo Creel, Grady Durrett, Curtis Hines, Hoyt McDaniel, Gladstone Thompson, John Edward Bone "Bub" Dunn, and James Priestly. Second row, kneeling: Knowles Jones, Oscar Payne, Norvel Creel, Guy Teasdale, Davis Dabbs, William Payne, Odell Hood, Dewey Hood, Henry Lindner, Zoie Dabbs, Cleo Holcomb, Elbert Durrett, Clarence Williams, an unidentified student, and Royal Teal. Third row: Juanita Jones, Emma Frances Mullins, Frankie Mae Casper, Lucille Creel, Helen McLendon, Jimmie McNew, Louise Payne, Delores Jones, Merle Reagan, Mildred Moseley, Virdie Douglas, Bertha Dabbs, Inez Greer, Billie Fisher, Aline Douglas, Mildred Holcomb, Nellie Moseley, and Wynona Broadway. Fourth row: Burnese Jones, Ruby Holcomb, Ivory Dunn, Marguerite Jones, Thelma Moseley, Hazel Hood, Flossie Williams, Catherine Payne, Claudine Teasdale, Elsie Hood, Ora Holcomb, Juanita Moseley, Margaret Lindner, Lillie McLendon, Principal Mary Etta Andrews, primary teacher Lizzie Thompson, and intermediate teacher Nellie Jo Buckmeyer.