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Country Boy Haystacks Calhoun

Description: Haystacks Calhoun, wrestler, publicity photo, Country Boy Haystacks Calhoun. Calhoun was raised and died in McKinney, Texas. Popular in the 1950-1970s.
Date: c. 1950
Item Type: Photograph

A Group of People in McKinney

Description: A group of well dressed men and women in a line somewhere in McKinney. From the collection of James P. Thomas, Sr., McKinney.
Date: c. 1903
Creator: Greenwood Studios, McKinney
Item Type: Photograph

Wood's Cafe, early 1940's, McKinney

Description: High vantage point photo of the inside of the cafe, looking towards front door. This is a very busy lunch hour. Most of the men have either hung their hats on the wall rack or still have them on. Only two people have noticed the photographer, the rest are occupied by their meal or conversation. The door to the cafe is propped open, leaving the screen door to allow any sort of breeze in.
Date: c. 1940
Item Type: Photograph

Employee Personnel, McKinney, Texas, Texas Textile Mills

Description: T. S. Morris, the father of the donor, was born in 1899. He lived and farmed at Rt. 5, McKinney. At night, he worked at the Mill in the weave shop and dye room. In this photo he is a short man, in overalls, with two men to his left in dark jackets. He is near the sixth window from the left.
Date: 1939
Item Type: Photograph

Two Women and a Thresher

Description: Two women standing in front of a thresher in a farm field. Their horse drawn buggy is in the background. From the collection of James P. Thomas, Sr., McKinney.
Date: 1903~
Item Type: Photograph

Buckner, The County Seat of Collin County Texas

Description: Partial plat map of Buckner, Texas, historically the seat of Collin County, Texas. There is a key on the left listing lots and streets and a legal statement handwritten at the bottom. The map is encapsulated and has been framed; printed text at the bottom of the frame says: "Original plat of the first county seat of Collin County---Fort Buckner---drawn by the early surveyor, H. O. Hedgecoxe date 1846."
Date: 1846
Creator: Hedgecoxe, H. O.
Item Type: Map