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[Bellevue HS Faculty]

Description: Bellevue HS faculty: Virginia Gaines, Unk, Martha White, Frances Farr, Myrtle Early, CA Jolly Lucy Childress, Mr. Miller, Elvira Gilliland, W.A. (Bot) Greer. Photo taken in 1935: Bellevue, Texas.
Date: 1935
Item Type: Photograph

[Bellevue HS Faculty]

Description: Bellevue HS faculty: Nolen, Roberts, Lela Wetsel Mitchell, Edna Orton, Frances Farr, Savage, Virginia Gaines, W.A. Bot Greer. Photo taken in 1937: Bellevue, Texas.
Date: 1937
Item Type: Photograph

[Bellevue Public School Faculty]

Description: Bellevue Public School Faculty: Edna Orton, Mary Harbison, Frances Farr, Myrtle Early, Ermie Parr, W.S. Greer, William Miller, C.A. Jolly. Photo taken during 1931-32 school year: Bellevue, Texas.
Date: 1931/1932
Item Type: Photograph

Buffalo Springs First and Second Grade

Description: First and second grade students of the Buffalo Springs School. List attached to the photo, "Mrs. Iva Selvage, Back Row (4 boys) ?, Gerald Bragg, Doyle Jones, Kenneth Times, Second Row (3 girls, 3 boys) Leota Cox, Betty Fuller, Velma Jean Alexander, Dean Scarber, Johnny Wayne Peden, Royce Times, Front Row (8 girls) Mary Jannett Brock, ?, Winnie Fay Cowley, Neomia Robertson, Wanda Edwards.
Date: 1938
Item Type: Photograph

Clay County Agent's Office

Description: County Agent's Office with (l to r) Edwina Holman, Peggy Tate, Dorsey Eaton, Maurine Carpenter, Essie Mae Coody, Captain M.S. Duncan, and Ralph Garrett seated around a table on January 33, 1938.
Date: January 1938
Item Type: Photograph

[County Officials]

Description: County Officials: Jesse Shaw, Bill Cornutt, Judge Williams, R.E. Dishman, _obenchain, George Alexander, Jim Boyd. Photo circa 1930: Henrietta, Texas.
Date: 1930~
Item Type: Photograph

Dan Oster Store

Description: Two women with their children standing in front of Dan Oster's Store next to a gas pump in Hurnville, TX. A horse and carriage are in the background.
Date: c. 1930
Item Type: Photograph