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Automobile Ferry After the Flood

Description: Richard Wyatt going across the levee North of Henrietta on a ferry pulled by horses to his farm where Mrs. Wyatt was. This was taken a foot of hill just out of town. The fringe of trees in the distance marks the slough. This was taken after the water had receded considerably, as you can see by the drift on the fence at left.
Date: 1915~

Flooded Denver Railroad

Description: Looking west across the flooded Denver River in Henrietta, TX. On June 12, 1915, Mr. and Mrs. Carl M. Worsham walked this railroad track about 9 PM without lights. The water had gone down some but it was a dangerous journey for a man, let alone a woman. They had to feel their way along the track. This was the night that Mr. W.A. Warsham passed away.
Date: 1915~