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[Clay County Officials]

Description: Clay County Officials being sworn into office by Sheriff Conner Fletcher. Photo taken in Henrietta, Texas. From L to R: Blue Copeland or Claud Zachry in first two positions on left; John McGee, Tom Whitley, William (Bill) Knowlton, Joe Peden, and County Sheriff Conner Fletcher.
Date: 1970s
Item Type: Photograph

[Comanche Jack Permunsu, Indian Warrior]

Description: Indian Warrior: Comanche Jack Permumsu, brother of Yapaituka Comanche band chief Tahpony and nephew of Comanche leader Ten Bears. This photo was taken in the 1890's during the time Jack Permumsu served as a member of the Indian Police for the Kiowa-Comanche-Apache reservation in Indian Territory (in what would later become Oklahoma).
Date: 1890~
Item Type: Photograph

St. Elmo Hotel

Description: Unidentified men with horses and carriages outside the St. Elmo Hotel on a corner in Henrietta, TX around 1900.
Date: 1900~
Item Type: Photograph

Byers Depot

Description: Mr. W.E. Dyer with a wagon at the Byers depot carrying 100 pounds of flour headed for Beck Murray's grocery around 1917.
Date: 1917
Item Type: Photograph