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1875 Jail
The old 1875 Clay County jail which was relocated and is now on the rodeo grounds.
1875 Jail
The old 1875 jail which was relocated and replaced by the 1890 jail which later became the Clay County Library.
1884 Courthouse
Photo collage with the 1884 Clay County Courthouse in the center surrounded by Henrietta officials and businessmen around 1890.
1890 Jail Museum
1890 Clay County Jail Museum with period furnishings, artifacts, and gallows.
1920 Olds Touring Sedan
Rex M. Gates standing beside a 1920 Oldsmobile touring car
[1st Postmaster]
1st postmaster: J.J. Moon. Photo circa 1880: Henrietta, Texas.
[Acoyli and Big Buffalo, Indian Warriors]
Indian Warriors: Acoyli and Big Buffalo. Photo circa 1890
An Afternoon Ride
Children riding on a horse near a house with a picket fence. There is a young foal beside them.
[Albert Grinkle Residence]
Albert Grinkle Residence. Photo circa 1912: Halsell, Texas.
[Alice Snearly]
Portrait of Alice Snearly, visible from the chest up, wearing a dress with lace collar.
[Alice Snearly]
Alice Snearly, wearing a dark gown with a lace collar.
[Alice Snearly]
Alice Snearly in a white gown.
[Alice Snearly in dark dress]
Alice Snealy in a dark dress with a feathered hat.
[Alice Snearly in dark silk dress]
Alice Snearly in a dark silk gown with a lace accent.
[Alice Snearly, unknown woman, and Gertrude Snearly Kelley]
Alice Snearly, unknown girl, and Gertrude Snearly Kelley.
[Arko, Comanche Warrior]
Comanche Warrior: Arko. Photo circa 1890, Indian Territory.
[Art Show]
Art Show: Billie Avis, H.C. Zackry. The art show was organized by the Clay County Art Association and was held in the community room of the bank. Photo circa 1970: Henrietta, Texas.
[Author and Surveyor: J.P. Earle]
Author and surveyor, J.P. Earle. Photo taken in 1900: Henrietta, Texas.
[Auto, ox, wagon, mule team]
Auto, ox wagon, mule team. Photo circa 1920: Clay County, Texas.
Men and women in an automobile around 1920.
Automobile Ferry After the Flood
Richard Wyatt going across the levee North of Henrietta on a ferry pulled by horses to his farm where Mrs. Wyatt was. This was taken a foot of hill just out of town. The fringe of trees in the distance marks the slough. This was taken after the water had receded considerably, as you can see by the drift on the fence at left.
[Autry Gates General Store]
Autry Gates General Store. Photo circa 1900: Shannon, Texas.
Autry-Gates Store
Townspeople outside the Autry-Gates Store in Shannon, TX around 1900.
Autry-Gates Store
Townspeople outside the Autry-Gates Store in Shannon, TX around 1900.
[B.F. Yantis Mill]
B.F. Yantis Mill. Photo circa 1880. Henrietta, Texas.
[Baby held by a woman]
Baby held by a woman.
[Baby in a gingham outfit]
Baby in a gingham outfit.
[Baby in a long gown]
Unidentified baby in a long white gown.
[Baby in a long gown]
Baby in a long white gown.
[Baby in a long gown]
Baby in a long white gown.
[Baby in a long gown]
Baby in a white gown.
[Baby in a long white gown]
Baby in a long white gown. Behind the background drape, a woman's plaid blouse and skirt are visible.
[Baby in a white gown]
Baby in a white gown.
[Baby in a white gown]
Baby in a long white gown. A woman's chin is just visible over the baby.
[Baby in a white gown]
Baby in a white gown wearing a necklace.
[Baby in a white gown]
Baby in a white gown
[Baby in a white gown]
Baby in a white gown.
[Baby in a wicker baby carriage]
An unidentified baby in a wicker baby carriage.
[Baby in an elaborate white gown]
Baby in an elaborate white gown.
[Baby in white gown]
A baby in a white gown.
[Baptizing at Riverland]
Baptizing at Riverland: Pastor Brother Miller. Photo circa 1910: Riverland, Texas.
[Barber-Taylor Hdw.]
Barber-Taylor Hdw. T.B. Helm, Prof. J.S. Holaday, Lem Barber, H.H. Rice, Al Spangler. Photo circa 1905: Henrietta, Texas.
Beaver Creek School
Students at Beaver Creek School in 1895. First names of some students are handwritten on the photo.
[Belcher House]
Belcher House. Photo circa 1900: Henrietta, Texas.
[Bellevue 4th of July Parade]
Bellevue 4th of July Parade. Photo taken in 1918: Bellevue, Texas.
[Bellevue Baseball Team]
Bellevue Baseball Team. Photo circa 1910: Bellevue, Texas.
[Bellevue Businessmen]
Bellevue Businessmen: H.F. Hodge, Sam Harbison, W.C. Hodges, Mr. Wiley, and Dr. D.W. Holmes. Photo circa 1902: Bellevue, Texas.
Bellevue Businessmen
From back of photo, "The Bellevue News, August 12, 1971. Taken 51 years ago, these men owned, or operated businesses in Bellevue following the reconstruction of the city after a tornado completely destroyed the city on April 26, 1906. They are, front row: M.J. White, druggist; Alva Weeks, county employee; Fate Walters, barber; a Mr. Hood, druggist; W.C. Boner, newspaper editor; Bill Spradling, taylor [sic]; Blake Powers, rancher; L.S. Wright, merchant; Dave Williams, shoe repairman; and Sam Johnson, blacksmith. Second row: unidentified; John Hannon, barber; Presbyterian minister; Baptist pastor; Frank Manning, merchant; a Mr. Cadenhead, retired; W.F. Wright, merchant; John Hampton, lumber yard; Silvester Karsteter, insurance agent; a Mr. Ayres, dry goods; J. A. Spradling, grocer; Marvin Wright, rancher; Joe Johnson, delivery man; and Elmer Gaught, furniture dealer. Third row: O.J. Owens, farmer; Murray Johnson, delivery man; W.A. Johnson, blacksmith; A.W. Melton, hardware dealer; Jess Gowan, farmer; Joe Ford, farmer; L.S. Spivey, hardware dealer; George Wright, merchant; Van Dishman, owner of a flour mill; Scott McConnell, grocer; L.B. Moore, banker; N.T. Gaines, banker; Dr. L.F. Crook; Joe White, dairyman; Walter Mount (living), banker; a Mr. Bass, hotel owner; George Welch (living), banker; and J.A. Phelps, farmer. (photo courtesy of Mrs. George Wright)"
[Bellevue H.S. School Faculty]
Bellevue H.S. faculty. Photo taken in 1936: Bellevue, Texas.
Bellevue High School Typing Class
Bellevue typing class in 1931. W.A. Greer is the teacher.