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1884 Courthouse

Description: Photo collage with the 1884 Clay County Courthouse in the center surrounded by Henrietta officials and businessmen around 1890.
Date: 1890~
Item Type: Photograph

Beaver Creek School

Description: Students at Beaver Creek School in 1895. First names of some students are handwritten on the photo.
Date: c. 1895
Item Type: Photograph

Buffalo Springs First and Second Grade

Description: First and second grade students of the Buffalo Springs School. List attached to the photo, "Mrs. Iva Selvage, Back Row (4 boys) ?, Gerald Bragg, Doyle Jones, Kenneth Times, Second Row (3 girls, 3 boys) Leota Cox, Betty Fuller, Velma Jean Alexander, Dean Scarber, Johnny Wayne Peden, Royce Times, Front Row (8 girls) Mary Jannett Brock, ?, Winnie Fay Cowley, Neomia Robertson, Wanda Edwards.
Date: 1938
Item Type: Photograph

Byers Depot

Description: Mr. W.E. Dyer with a wagon at the Byers depot carrying 100 pounds of flour headed for Beck Murray's grocery around 1917.
Date: 1917
Item Type: Photograph

Byers Post Office

Description: Postmaster Sheridan Baker Householder sits in a chair in his den behind the Byers post office. He was postmaster fronm 1914-1918. The room has a small potbelly stove for heat, a safe with the door ajar, and decoratrive wallpaper in the walls and ceilings.
Date: c. 1914
Item Type: Photograph

Byers Post Office

Description: Teen rural route carriers Joe Norman and Fred Kepley, with the postmaster J.T. Dunn (Joseph Tarpley Dunn) and Bertha Dunn in the Byers Post Office.
Date: 1918~
Item Type: Photograph

Clay County Agent's Office

Description: County Agent's Office with (l to r) Edwina Holman, Peggy Tate, Dorsey Eaton, Maurine Carpenter, Essie Mae Coody, Captain M.S. Duncan, and Ralph Garrett seated around a table on January 33, 1938.
Date: January 1938
Item Type: Photograph

Cotton on a Corner

Description: Unidentified individuals in downtown Henrietta, TX. The post card reads, "Not a Corner on Cotton but Cotton on a Corner in Henrietta, Texas."
Date: c. 1910
Creator: Curt Teich & Co
Item Type: Photograph

Dan Oster Store

Description: Two women with their children standing in front of Dan Oster's Store next to a gas pump in Hurnville, TX. A horse and carriage are in the background.
Date: c. 1930
Item Type: Photograph

Diffey's Hotel

Description: Mr. Diffey, wearing a vest, is seated behind the desk in the lobby at Diffey's Hotel. Behind him are cigars for sale, a clock, calendar, and thermometer.
Date: May 1915
Item Type: Photograph

Diffey's Hotel Dining Room

Description: Two women employees wait on three unidentified customers in the dining room at Duffy's Hotel. The sign behind the cash register says, " ROOMS 50 cents, PURE APPLE CIDER, OYSTERS". Cigars are for sale as well.
Date: c. 1904
Item Type: Photograph

E.F. Weaver Grocery

Description: Five unidentified men standing inside of E. F. Weaver's Grocery Store around 1890 in Henrietta, TX. Back of photo states, " The Weaver's came to Henrietta in 1880."
Date: c. 1890
Item Type: Photograph

Flooded Denver Railroad

Description: Looking west across the flooded Denver River in Henrietta, TX. On June 12, 1915, Mr. and Mrs. Carl M. Worsham walked this railroad track about 9 PM without lights. The water had gone down some but it was a dangerous journey for a man, let alone a woman. They had to feel their way along the track. This was the night that Mr. W.A. Warsham passed away.
Date: c. 1915
Item Type: Photograph

Halsell Band

Description: Halsell Band standing with their instruments by Halsell Church in Halsell, TX. Drum says "Halsell Concert Band". Pictured are (l to r) Jess Arnold, Unknown. Unknown, Arthur Short, Perry Whitehead, Luther Denney, Ace Short, Bunk Whitmire. Seated on right, Ott Forester.
Date: c. 1925
Item Type: Photograph