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[Barber-Taylor Hdw.]

Description: Barber-Taylor Hdw. T.B. Helm, Prof. J.S. Holaday, Lem Barber, H.H. Rice, Al Spangler. Photo circa 1905: Henrietta, Texas.
Date: 1905~
Item Type: Photograph

[Bellevue Businessmen]

Description: Bellevue Businessmen: H.F. Hodge, Sam Harbison, W.C. Hodges, Mr. Wiley, and Dr. D.W. Holmes. Photo circa 1902: Bellevue, Texas.
Date: 1902~
Creator: Chalmers Studio
Item Type: Photograph

Bellevue Businessmen

Description: From back of photo, "The Bellevue News, August 12, 1971. Taken 51 years ago, these men owned, or operated businesses in Bellevue following the reconstruction of the city after a tornado completely destroyed the city on April 26, 1906. They are, front row: M.J. White, druggist; Alva Weeks, county employee; Fate Walters, barber; a Mr. Hood, druggist; W.C. Boner, newspaper editor; Bill Spradling, taylor [sic]; Blake Powers, rancher; L.S. Wright, merchant; Dave Williams, shoe repairman; and Sam Johnson, blacksmith. Second row: unidentified; John Hannon, barber; Presbyterian minister; Baptist pastor; Frank Manning, merchant; a Mr. Cadenhead, retired; W.F. Wright, merchant; John Hampton, lumber yard; Silvester Karsteter, insurance agent; a Mr. Ayres, dry goods; J. A. Spradling, grocer; Marvin Wright, rancher; Joe Johnson, delivery man; and Elmer Gaught, furniture dealer. Third row: O.J. Owens, farmer; Murray Johnson, delivery man; W.A. Johnson, blacksmith; A.W. Melton, hardware dealer; Jess Gowan, farmer; Joe Ford, farmer; L.S. Spivey, hardware dealer; George Wright, merchant; Van Dishman, owner of a flour mill; Scott McConnell, grocer; L.B. Moore, banker; N.T. Gaines, banker; Dr. L.F. Crook; Joe White, dairyman; Walter Mount (living), banker; a Mr. Bass, hotel owner; George Welch (living), banker; and J.A. Phelps, farmer. (photo courtesy of Mrs. George Wright)"
Date: 1918
Item Type: Photograph

[Bellevue HS Faculty]

Description: Bellevue HS faculty: Virginia Gaines, Unk, Martha White, Frances Farr, Myrtle Early, CA Jolly Lucy Childress, Mr. Miller, Elvira Gilliland, W.A. (Bot) Greer. Photo taken in 1935: Bellevue, Texas.
Date: 1935
Item Type: Photograph

[Bellevue HS Faculty]

Description: Bellevue HS faculty: Nolen, Roberts, Lela Wetsel Mitchell, Edna Orton, Frances Farr, Savage, Virginia Gaines, W.A. Bot Greer. Photo taken in 1937: Bellevue, Texas.
Date: 1937
Item Type: Photograph

[Bellevue Public School Faculty]

Description: Bellevue Public School Faculty: Edna Orton, Mary Harbison, Frances Farr, Myrtle Early, Ermie Parr, W.S. Greer, William Miller, C.A. Jolly. Photo taken during 1931-32 school year: Bellevue, Texas.
Date: 1931/1932
Item Type: Photograph

Bellevue Study Club

Description: A group of women meeting to study together. One is holding a book. There is a piano in the background.
Date: 1906~
Item Type: Photograph