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[Alice Snearly]

Description: Portrait of Alice Snearly, visible from the chest up, wearing a dress with lace collar.
Date: unknown
Creator: Kelley, Lon
Item Type: Photograph

[Art Show]

Description: Art Show: Billie Avis, H.C. Zackry. The art show was organized by the Clay County Art Association and was held in the community room of the bank. Photo circa 1970: Henrietta, Texas.
Date: 1970~
Item Type: Photograph

Automobile Ferry After the Flood

Description: Richard Wyatt going across the levee North of Henrietta on a ferry pulled by horses to his farm where Mrs. Wyatt was. This was taken a foot of hill just out of town. The fringe of trees in the distance marks the slough. This was taken after the water had receded considerably, as you can see by the drift on the fence at left.
Date: 1915~
Item Type: Photograph

[Baby in a long white gown]

Description: Baby in a long white gown. Behind the background drape, a woman's plaid blouse and skirt are visible.
Date: unknown
Creator: Snearly, Alice & Kelley, Lon
Item Type: Photograph