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[J.Tack Douthitt Residence]
Douthitt Family. Photo circa 1880: Henrietta, Texas.
[Judge W.B. Plemons Family]
Judge W.B. Plemons and family.
[Knights of Pythias Bandmaster]
Knights of Pythias Bandmaster: C.B. Hilburn. Photo taken in 1882: Henrietta, Texas.
[Longhorn Herd]
Longhorn herd. Photo taken in 1888: North of Henrietta, Texas.
[Rev. S.E. Moore Family]
Rev. S.E. Moore Family: Frank, Lillie, Lottie, Ollie, Rev. S.E. Moore, Mamie, Marvin, Marry Capps Moore, Will, Edna, and Robert Moore. Photo circa 1880: Shannon, Texas.
[W.A. Roundtree]
W.A. Roundtree playing the violin while sitting. Picture circa 1885 in Henrietta, Texas.
[W.A. Roundtree Family and Home]
W.A. Roundtree family and home. Picture circa 1885 in Henrietta, Texas.