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E.L. Biggerstaff "The Rambler"

Description: Photograph from The Manitou & Pike's Peak Railway Tour. Four men are shown seated inside of a vehicle on top of rugged terrain.
Date: 1913
Creator: Hiestand, J.G.
Item Type: Photograph

[Lumber Yard Fire 1917]

Description: Photograph of a lumber yard fire in Childress, Texas. The fire is being put out by firemen as spectators watch from a distance. A large amount of smoke fills the sky. There is an unidentifiable building close to the fire.
Date: January 1917
Creator: Mark Hanna's Studio
Item Type: Photograph

Patti Jefferies

Description: Photograph of Patti Jefferies. Jefferies is shown holding flowers while standing against a studio background. She is wearing a white dress and hat.
Date: 1914
Creator: Mark Hanna's Studio
Item Type: Photograph

Something going on

Description: Photograph of a crowded street. There are three men on top of a building watching an event below them. A large number of people are shown near vehicles crowding the road. There are various stores that surround the area.
Date: 1916
Creator: Stanford Studio
Item Type: Photograph

[Volunteer Firemen 1915]

Description: Photograph of volunteer firemen standing in front of the Childress fire station. Some of the men are wearing fireman hats and they are all dressed in suites or in collared shirts with ties. Two horse-drawn wagons are standing behind the line of volunteers. There is a water tower in the background and buildings on both sides of the fire station.
Date: 1915
Item Type: Photograph